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I go to work each morning with my buddies on the line, I’d tell you every day’s the same, but I don’t have the time. The boss has got his eyes on me and baby that ain’t good, and working’s what I need to be, I’d break out if I could. He knows that I got bills to pay, it costs a lot and then some. And is there any other way I could be held to ransom. My hands are getting dirty and I’m working up a sweat. I’m feeling really tired but the day ain’t over yet. My back has turned to water and my feet are feeling numb. Oh man, I gotta tell you I can’t wait for night to come. But I still got my dues to pay, it costs a lot and then some. Is there any other way I could be held to ransom. Spending my day watching for the clock to get to six, things are getting tighter I might need another shift. I need to buy some groceries, my car has turned to rust, but any hope of anything just quickly turns to dust. I know that I got bills to pay it costs a lot and then some, and is ther


May 03 2015 19:33:42
GatorblueGatorblue great blues compilation you guys!!
August 11 2014 19:02:34
jdubeaujdubeau Very cool, it all comes together nice. Good work.
July 31 2014 05:03:09
francisco alfrancisco al muito bom
June 19 2014 00:15:37
CRITTERCRITTER What a smoothie..
June 17 2014 17:56:10
TomasFoeTomasFoe great... fabulous and true lyrics... lovely.. wow! Grin
June 13 2014 21:03:30
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler yeah! Very cool
June 09 2014 10:46:23
OliVBeeOliVBee Great blues track !! tasty and soft and bouncy and swing and lovely and ...
June 08 2014 21:50:59
WadeWade Making the blues sexy OK!
June 08 2014 16:03:20
WeazleWeazle Fu... that is cool! Good work @ all! smile.gif
June 08 2014 15:58:35
LutzLutz So perfect! And still some chorusses open. Excellent bluesy feel from all.
Sounds like: [ walking blues vocals ]
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