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June 12 2016 11:23:55
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Great!! smile.gif
June 24 2015 05:52:07
heliandrosheliandros interesting combination and also comments smile.gif
June 17 2015 22:10:07
GirardGirard Masterful. NICE ONE! I need to figure out how to sound more like this..other than the Zoom B3 I have, i'm not sure how to get more sound like this....seems like I overload my recording device whenever I get a sound close to this lol. I haven't gotten very close at all.
+1 June 19 2015 20:30:30 GirardBasster
Hi buddy - thanks a lot!! This is a verx clean bass sound. But as i said - nobody will sound like you - and nobody will sound like me Wink If you try to play like me - you`ll have to be like me and - man - i don`t think you will be doing this Wink
June 19 2015 20:32:27 GirardGirard
Don't worry, I have my own little style going lol. I just take influence from others to make me sound better, like you, and several others.
June 15 2014 18:37:32
cody trippcody tripp Killer bass & vocals.
June 15 2014 14:42:10
akethesnakerakethesnaker Grin Must go on this one
June 13 2014 22:43:50
CalleCalle Grrrrrrreat! Grin Perfect, and I did't have a clue that this was the way u should play bass to Annes template. Maybe a bit too much contrast with the "twiddely-dah"s Wink
June 13 2014 20:48:42
ShiShi oh my, that packs a punch smile.gif
June 13 2014 17:45:54
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler i agree with ANNE. The perfect combination! Brutal bass and very nice vocals!!!
+2 June 17 2015 22:11:09 Lenny CowlerGirard
My goal is to have you call one of my uploads brutal, and not in a bad way lol.
June 13 2014 16:59:41
AnneCozeanAnneCozean WOW, Basster - you made Meat Eaters out of Sis and me! 8) Love Lenny's "brutal" remark - the contrast between our soft and your hard is great. Thanks so much. smile.gif
+1 June 17 2015 22:11:28 AnneCozeanGirard
I love the brutal remark from Lenny too. I now have a goal.
June 13 2014 14:37:25
RickplayerRickplayer well done

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