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First take improv based on 'Black Magic Woman'.


August 13 2014 01:20:15
cschlotecschlote COol stuff
+1 August 13 2014 02:59:12 cschloteRod_Stevens
Cheers cschlote Wink
July 31 2014 17:47:49
AnneCozeanAnneCozean Rod - in places here you remind me of a skier going 300 mph downhill with a blindfold and a prayer, or a race car driver going 600 mph around a curve - you got me hanging on by my fingernails, not at ALL sure you're gonna make those curves - BUT YOU DO!! miraculous playing for a man in your condition. 8) Keiichiro - you make great musical beds!
+1 July 31 2014 20:08:52 AnneCozeanRod_Stevens
Thank you Ms Cool Cali Anne smile.gif xoxo
July 05 2014 12:54:07
jmrukkersjmrukkers Nice add
+1 July 05 2014 13:09:08 jmrukkersRod_Stevens
No "I" in team. Cigar box g'tar in those on purpose gaps would be cool Wink
July 05 2014 12:50:08
Rod_StevensRod_Stevens ta, Ms Shi smile.gif
July 05 2014 12:20:53
ShiShi nice one Rod !smile.gif
June 25 2014 19:07:16
nuno1959nuno1959 Cool soloing & guitar tone going
+1 June 27 2014 06:40:06 nuno1959Rod_Stevens
Tone comes via an old Hondo II strat copy (cost $20 at the recycle shop) plugged into a Boss ME25 with fuzz on, plus software compression, half a carton of beer and a bowl of pretzels. I love making cheap guitars sound like they're worth at least $30 LOL. Cheers for the ear and listen Wink
June 27 2014 12:33:12 nuno1959nuno1959
Awesome but that's exactly what it boils down to - knowing HOW to…
Now, just for laughs : let's rub it in the purists, vintage guitar collector's faces then Grin Grin
June 27 2014 14:22:57 nuno1959Rod_Stevens
[in a hushed voice] Between you and I, beer and pretzels are the secret element. Everything looks and sounds like a $10K vintage rig when I'm on mate smile.gif
June 27 2014 18:56:03 nuno1959nuno1959
Grin Grin & the ''antiqued finish'' people pay to have now ? Just wear a good old fashioned rock'n roll metal buckle & drag the damn guitar a couple of times along the garage floor & VOILÁ : Instant Antique Patina !! Grin
Of course the beer helps to make us grind it on the concrete floor remorselessly…. Wink
June 28 2014 12:12:52 nuno1959Rod_Stevens
ya right there. I cant believe people pay $4,000 plus for a 2014 Fender that's beat up and made to look like a '54 etc. Ow well, jam on smile.gif
June 25 2014 17:39:02
gnoerrebygnoerreby Some nice licks and some space for more solos, that's cool!
+1 June 25 2014 18:10:36 gnoerrebyRod_Stevens
Making "space" is what it's about here at wikiloops. Thanks for having a listen smile.gif
June 16 2014 03:19:49
francisco alfrancisco al bom trabalho. perfeito volume
+1 June 16 2014 14:34:53 francisco alRod_Stevens
Eu tinha um bom tempo, mesmo com desafio tambor alto. Obrigado por ouvir e comentar tipo. Jam em breveWink
June 15 2014 16:53:38
akethesnakerakethesnaker Cool!
+1 June 15 2014 17:44:05 akethesnakerRod_Stevens
Not quite Gary Moore (R.I.P), but thanks for having a listen Wink
August 02 2014 00:04:19 akethesnakerakethesnaker
This is SUPER!Wink
August 02 2014 02:49:05 akethesnakerRod_Stevens
Fresh from the wiki oven--Ms Anne added a fab vocal track as well #21547
June 15 2014 16:13:37
dimeomaxdimeomax Nice work smile.gif
+1 June 15 2014 17:45:17 dimeomaxRod_Stevens
Alcohol made me do it. When I'm sober I do knitting. Cheers mate Wink
Sounds like: [ blues ] [ black magic woman ]
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