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I simply LOVE iT when a tune totally out of my ''comfort zone'' proves irresistible to join in…
This is one such case, a truly LOVELY song !!
Robjol, I hope you don't mind but i tweaked the mix's EQ just a bit to try bring out your vocals a little

Enjoy !


August 07 2014 23:59:58
jstefjstef Just great guys
+1 August 08 2014 03:04:01 jstefnuno1959
Glad you enjoyed it Jstef, much appreciated ! Wink
June 24 2014 16:15:27
RickplayerRickplayer cool
+1 June 24 2014 16:36:48 Rickplayernuno1959
Thanks man !!
June 24 2014 09:42:42
WeazleWeazle Mr.Nooon...O.... chapeau!
Sounds very very harmoniously! Perfect played for this song i think!

+1 June 24 2014 11:56:08 Weazlenuno1959
Thank you W-Man !
It's such a beautiful song & it moved me so much, i DID try my best to do it justice… Wink
June 24 2014 09:27:44
NeronickNeronick Great sound and playing, Nuno. The mix won't mind a check after the first verse, because suddenly the centered singer is moving to the left. The Beatles even mixed a bass complete to one side on "Revolver" ... smile.gif
+2 June 24 2014 11:58:21 Neronicknuno1959
Nero, you're RIGHT !
I hadn't even realised this until now !
I just assumed i had a bad connection in my headphones, oh man… embarrassing Grin Grin
June 24 2014 05:46:33
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler nice sound Nuno, nice song. I like itsmile.gif
+1 June 24 2014 11:59:46 Lenny Cowlernuno1959
Appreciate your compliment my friend !
it's true, it IS a beautiful song - SO simple yet SO moving & harmonious...
June 24 2014 02:17:36
akethesnakerakethesnaker Coolsmile.gif
+1 June 24 2014 02:21:41 akethesnakernuno1959
Thanks Ake, this was a delight to jam with.. Wink
June 24 2014 01:59:59
Happy you like the song. It is a very condensed story of my life. A few simple words, expression of my truth.

+1 June 24 2014 02:10:56 ROBJOLnuno1959
It was my privilege to be able to be part of it.
The truthfulness of the emotions exudes from it together w/ it's beautiful melody, that's exactly what captivated me..
Thank you for sharing Wink
June 23 2014 22:14:16
ShiShi well how nice from you all smile.gif
+1 June 23 2014 22:18:10 Shinuno1959
Thank you Milady !!

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