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Gary Moore "Still Got The Blues" theme using my three favorite guitar tones plus piano riff. Plenty of room for others.


July 09 2015 15:23:16
onewholeftonewholeft Love this Gary Moore is my all time favourite ! Oh one of the thousand or so anyway
+1 July 23 2015 11:56:27 onewholeftRod_Stevens
Thanks smile.gif
September 05 2014 23:13:10
LeonardFarLeonardFar Mate, I felt THIS! Thank you for creativity and sharing. Thumb up!
+1 October 23 2014 12:52:08 LeonardFarRod_Stevens
Thank me by getting back on your keys and adding more good vibes to the the loops. We love you Leonard Wink
July 26 2014 22:28:18
AnneCozeanAnneCozean this sends me to heaven - just like Gary. Dude! like, your guitar is, like, totally captivating! LIKE!!
+1 July 27 2014 13:25:43 AnneCozeanRod_Stevens
My one finger piano was very impressive as well. LOL, just kidding. Thank you, Ms Anne xoxo
July 27 2014 15:47:24 AnneCozeanAnneCozean
oh oh - you no play guitar?
July 29 2014 12:28:19 AnneCozeanRod_Stevens
Yes yes my sweet, men can't do two things at once. LOL, lucky I'm a bloke (Aussie term for guy that can do two things at once) Melody guitar and melody piano bits was me smile.gif xoxo
July 16 2014 03:30:38
francisco alfrancisco al bem legal
July 15 2014 12:49:12
KeitonKeiton I think that it has reached the Gary of heaven smile.gif
+1 July 15 2014 14:04:46 KeitonRod_Stevens
LOL, poor bloke still has his fingers in his ears after hearing me. Cheer mate Wink
July 12 2014 23:20:10
incivanpicoincivanpico so cool Rod! yup Gaz is the best m8!smile.gif
+1 July 13 2014 06:45:51 incivanpicoRod_Stevens
Thanks incivanpico Wink
July 12 2014 20:26:44
wim52wim52 Very nice!
+1 July 13 2014 06:43:54 wim52Rod_Stevens
Cheers Wim Wink
July 12 2014 16:04:32
RickplayerRickplayer very well done
+1 July 12 2014 16:26:44 RickplayerRod_Stevens
Cheers mate. R.I.P Mr Moore.
July 12 2014 14:31:32
KeitonKeiton So beautiful !
+1 July 12 2014 15:20:04 KeitonRod_Stevens
There he is. Getting less shy with his new close up pic. Love ya Keiichiro Wink Thanks for the listen, mate smile.gif
July 13 2014 16:04:57 KeitonKeiton
I saw for the first time a Japanese in wikiloops at today. I was surprised because there is that I meet Japanese people here. For my pic but the face is very red. I think it's a trick of the light. My face is not it than reddened under the influence of drink smile.gif Cheers, Rod! smile.gif
July 15 2014 14:03:56 KeitonRod_Stevens
smile.gif it's all good mate. The guy with a red face might have high blood presure from trying to read the site? Maybe ask Dick for a Japanese traslation option as well Wink
July 12 2014 13:42:33
akethesnakerakethesnaker Gary, the best of the best. Nice job!smile.gif
+1 July 12 2014 14:11:18 akethesnakerRod_Stevens
Well, he's up there on my radar with you. Cheers mate Wink
Sounds like: [ still got the blues ] [ strange ]

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