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Czech Republic


Lenny Cowler
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January 03 2015 15:52:54
jamladyjamlady wow perfekter Bass!
July 16 2014 08:46:23
akethesnakerakethesnaker Well done cschlote!
July 16 2014 05:13:54
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler super Cs, its very goodsmile.gif
July 16 2014 04:29:09
RickplayerRickplayer cool
July 16 2014 03:53:16
francisco alfrancisco al legal
July 16 2014 00:17:25
cody trippcody tripp love it
July 15 2014 23:21:07
OliVBeeOliVBee cooool smile.gif i think there's a lil bit too much gain on your output Wink
+1 July 15 2014 23:22:58 OliVBeecschlote
Possibly. Late the night, so I'm using headsets. Always the same sh*** problem with mixdown.
July 15 2014 23:23:58 OliVBeeOliVBee
hehe know what you're sayin Wink ... good timing in your bass !
July 15 2014 23:35:19 OliVBeecschlote
Really? I'm the complete Noop on bass and probably anything else. A bit of everything, but nothing right ;-)
July 15 2014 23:37:33 OliVBeeOliVBee
a good timing is definitely a great asset in music Wink
July 15 2014 23:44:21 OliVBeecschlote
Ok, I really still fighting with the response timing on my saxophones. You need to start ahead of time (10-20ms or so) -esp. for low tones, so the tone is up and hearable at the right time. Very disturbing. Keys and String do not suffer from such things.... hard to learn. Each note on the sax has it's own personal responsone behaviour...
July 15 2014 23:46:49 OliVBeeOliVBee
hehe yes you didnt pick the easiest instrument ... though there's no easy instrument really Wink they all have their tricky side !
July 15 2014 23:54:46 OliVBeecschlote
Maybe. But there are harder to learn woodwinds. Eg. clarinet or flute. At least people say so. But on the other hand - saxophones are great, if you master them. For many music styles. I just takes time. And I'm willing to accept that fact. BTW: WL is a great place to exercise...
July 16 2014 00:09:37 OliVBeeOliVBee
i started studying music with clarinet when i was 5 Wink
July 16 2014 00:35:32 OliVBeecschlote
I started with recorder when I was 6 or 7 or so. I learned reading notes (*Really useful ability*!!11!). I played music until was 13-14 - then I did other things. Now I'm back after a quarter century.... oh, man, so many things I missed and need to learn - as old man ;-(
July 16 2014 00:40:20 OliVBeeOliVBee
don't worry it's never too late Wink
July 16 2014 00:45:46 OliVBeecschlote
Indeed. Full Ack ;-)
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