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Leonard - I sure like your music! I really had no business singing such a low key - but this is how we learn. 8) I was surprised to find a baby in my failed love story!

go to sleep my little one
your day has been so long
and when you waken from your dreams
we'll sing another song
we'll sing another song
dream on little sleepy head
til it's time to rise and shine
i will keep you warm and well
and love you for all time
i'll love you cuz you're mine
nites alone i watched the stars
sparkling in the sky
love had come and love was gone
and left me asking why
the answer's clear
cuz here you are
love left me my own star
love left me my own star
go to sleep my little one
my love for you is strong
and when you open up your eyes
you can help me sing this song
you can help me sing our song


September 28 2016 03:10:46
TofzegritTofzegrit wow! this one is nice too smile.gif
+1 September 28 2016 06:33:28 TofzegritAnneCozean
Thank you, Chris!
October 01 2016 20:39:52 TofzegritAnneCozean
i love this one with Leonard, too. thank you, Chris.
October 21 2014 10:16:44
hurzelhurzel mmmh, how lovely! smile.gif
August 21 2014 05:18:51
francisco alfrancisco al muito bom. linda canção
+0 August 27 2014 22:17:18 francisco alAnneCozean
Oh, Al! 8) 8) 8)
August 19 2014 19:38:32
BassCookBassCook What a !!!
+0 August 27 2014 22:16:58 BassCookAnneCozean
Many thanks, Holger - *)
July 30 2014 13:36:28
LeonardFarLeonardFar Never thought it can turn into SUCH song. Thank you Ann!
+1 August 27 2014 22:15:56 LeonardFarAnneCozean
Leonard - thank you for this!
September 06 2014 10:36:45 LeonardFarRod_Stevens
Ms Anne is the 11th wonder of the world Wink
July 24 2014 19:19:35
TEE-KWATEE-KWA Beautifull....Harmonies are Delish....lovley
+0 July 27 2014 16:46:10 TEE-KWAAnneCozean
Thank you, Darlin Davie!
July 23 2014 15:49:39
nuno1959nuno1959 A lullaby indeed : your deep sultry voice caresses my ears like molten velvet, lovely & soothing…
+0 July 23 2014 16:09:50 nuno1959AnneCozean
oooo, nuno - you KNOW i love that word "molten" tho i picture your ears with 3rd degree burns - and that's no good! 8) thanks for the listen, Brother.
July 22 2014 21:09:05
kimbokimbo lovely!!
+0 July 23 2014 16:08:15 kimboAnneCozean
thank you, limbo!
July 22 2014 11:39:25
Rod_StevensRod_Stevens While reviewing this track I was also scanning the newspaper. I started crying when I seen the photo of the little Australian girl Evie Maslin that recently had her life stolen on MH17. Sorry for the downer. Lovely singing Ms Anne. Full tears smile.gif
+0 July 23 2014 16:08:02 Rod_StevensAnneCozean
well now Rod - can't ask for more than your tears....OR CAN I??? 8) I'm sorry, too - and glad for your tender heart.
July 25 2014 14:38:34 Rod_StevensRod_Stevens
When I procure more than tears, ye shall be foremost. xoxo
July 21 2014 22:29:16
NeronickNeronick Thanks for singing beneath my bed, Anne. This is the right lullaby for this night.
+0 July 23 2014 16:06:41 NeronickAnneCozean
Thank you, Nick. I found the acoustics under there just perfect! 8)
July 25 2014 11:02:10 NeronickNeronick
Beneath, below, besides, above - where ever you sing, I hear your love.
Sounds like: [ go to sleep ]

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