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Frankie and Dan - i thought this was a splendid piece of music! California is on fire today, so I yodeled this but quick before all the smoke went down my throat this morning. Thank you, Gentlemen - you sound great together!

i'm a traveler on this road called Life
trying to keep my center
i look for a sign that points the way
i wonder if i will see
how will i know
yeah something is calling me
oh yeah the unknown is near
yeah i'm older and wiser now
oh yeah and i'm done with the Fear
i'm walking on down this twisting path
trying to keep my balance
sometimes my mind can spin me 'round
but i learn to stay serene
i'm learning to stay serene
yeah now i'm getting somewhere
oh yeah one step at a time
yeah don't try and stop me
oh yeah this destiny's mine
how will i know
how will it show
yeah i'm working it out now
oh yeah i'm finding my way
yeah it's been a tough journey
oh yeah full of lonely nites and days
yeah the


January 05 2016 21:54:59
jerome31jerome31 Good music & warm voice, like it smile.gif
+0 January 05 2016 21:55:24 jerome31AnneCozean
thank you, Jerome!
December 20 2015 13:08:47
FrankMilFrankMil really cool tune
+0 December 20 2015 22:16:21 FrankMilAnneCozean
thanks, Frank. Happy Old Year!
December 13 2015 14:07:53
jjdfjjdf great song! Wink
+0 December 23 2015 22:40:41 jjdfAnneCozean
thank you, jjdf!
December 13 2015 00:14:08
aleonzaleonz I always love the way you sing your song, that voice just sounds so good to my ears, and you always come with a very delicate lyrics, I love this song Anne! and I love to hear you sing ..always smile.gif
+0 December 23 2015 22:41:40 aleonzAnneCozean
ooops - sorry i missed these words from you, Big Al. smile.gif such GOOD words, too. thank you for your ear this year - i've loved every visit. smile.gif
December 12 2015 23:12:00
StefStef Simply fantastic Anne! I seem to fly with your voice... smile.gif
+0 February 24 2016 04:01:40 StefAnneCozean
Oh, I missed this one, Brother Bird.....thank you, Stef - so much.
December 08 2015 09:51:24
JeebsieJeebsie This is wonderful Anne!!
+0 December 08 2015 17:52:13 JeebsieAnneCozean
thank you, Jeebsie!
November 30 2015 20:54:28
petebasspetebass cool track!! Beautiful vocalssmile.gif
+0 December 23 2015 22:41:52 petebassAnneCozean
thank you, Pete!
October 12 2015 12:03:56
low4driverlow4driver what a voice!
September 22 2015 23:38:18
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Fantastic Anne!! Very fine lyrics !!! smile.gif
+0 September 23 2015 21:18:59 frankyguitarAnneCozean
thank you so much, Franky. it's a cool template the boyz provided. smile.gif
September 22 2015 21:19:26
pklieschpkliesch Just Love it. Sereeeene: 1:48: so artful. So wise lyrics. Great composition! Such a complete beautiful Song, Anne! Came from Joes addition and am glad I found this jewel smile.gif
+0 September 23 2015 21:02:01 pklieschAnneCozean
thank you, Patrick - i'm a BIG fan of Serenity, just lay it on me! smile.gif appreciate your juicy comment.
Sounds like: [ where the heck ARE you???? ]

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