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Let a little sunshine in, helps the day along. Playing on my mandolin, got a pocket full of songs. Don’t it make the world shine brighter, when you share a little love, and the heavy heart feels lighter with a sunny sky above. And I will sing my song and my heart will hold no sorrow ‘Cause I got my music and a hope for tomorrow and a sweet melody that carries on the wind, and it’s all I need. Let a little peaceful in and a little calm and you know it all begins when you open up your heart. Know that you can start anew, one step at a time, and it’s all up to you and everything is fine. And I will sing my song and my heart will hold no sorrow ‘Cause I got my music and a hope for tomorrow and a sweet melody that carries on the wind and it’s all I need. It’s all I need.(Shi 2014)


March 10 2016 23:02:10
mandoloddamandolodda thank you again, Shi and Ben, for this lovely song you wrote for me.
March 09 2016 23:37:14
JDFJDF Very nice feeling listening to you sing this. smile.gif
+1 March 10 2016 20:36:23 JDFShi
thanks JDF smile.gif
April 20 2015 22:48:12
mandoloddamandolodda thank you Shi for this lovely song. now I recognice this is my song. from Hurzel and you toghether. now I start playing this song by my self and I love it.
March 23 2015 07:13:10
bleymehlbleymehl Very nice. Fits to monday morning :-)
January 10 2015 18:29:28
Pit BrettPit Brett its so wonderful
+1 January 11 2015 12:22:59 Pit BrettShi
thank you Pit smile.gif
September 06 2014 12:36:59
RobMRobM Match made in music heaven. Beautiful smile.gif
August 20 2014 20:31:17
BassCookBassCook Nice work smile.gifsmile.gif
August 03 2014 13:27:50
Man you sound Great.....never get tired off listening that sweet sweet voice of yours shi...Wink

August 02 2014 17:41:25
AnneCozeanAnneCozean this is just as sweetly swell as can be. my favorite arrangements are minimal - and this one rings my chimes.
you're in lovely voice here, Shi - and hurzel brings the pretty underpinning!

+1 August 02 2014 17:43:41 AnneCozeanShi
Dear Anne, you always say such lovely things, thank you smile.gif
August 01 2014 05:48:02
francisco alfrancisco al muito bom
Sounds like: [ sweet ] [ unplugged ]

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