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I thought this particular piece of music was quite insane, compliments of Professor Stevens' crazed (in such a GOOD WAY!) lead. Couldn't resist a teensy yodel - thanks, Gentlemen!

i'm a hot blooded woman
with a stone cold heart
i'm a hot blooded woman
with a stone cold heart
and if you wanna love me
i'll have to tear you apart

i don't need your money
i'm not impressed by your car
got all the cash i need boy
and you can't get me that far
and if you wanna love me
i'm gonna leave you some scars

got everything i want
got everything i need
there's nothing i can't do
there's nothing i'll concede
and if you wanna love me
i'll have to make you bleed


July 31 2015 01:22:29
TofzegritTofzegrit Bad Girl Rebel Sister !
I like it smile.gif

January 17 2015 18:23:57
allgirlallgirl REALLY kool, Anne.
+0 January 17 2015 18:32:18 allgirlAnneCozean
thanks so much, all - appreciate your time!
January 17 2015 18:36:45 allgirlallgirl
as i appreciate your music.
January 17 2015 18:42:57 allgirlAnneCozean
to the
appreciation baby, allgirl, and me! smile.gif
January 17 2015 19:48:37 allgirlallgirl
as a matter of fact, i am a card carrying member of that society. we spend a lot of time telling each other how good we are LOL and how much everybody appreciates our music. ROFL
January 17 2015 21:47:18 allgirlAnneCozean
ahhh - i was hoping you would know, paidra. i, too, am now ROFLing. smile.gif
September 22 2014 17:24:16
glennpglennp I missed this one...Nice work Anne. Cool vocal treatments and lyrics. Nice track from all.
+0 September 23 2014 20:21:46 glennpAnneCozean
thank you for the ear visit, Glenn!
September 05 2014 23:09:45
LeonardFarLeonardFar Definitely you must have something inside which is not an icy heart smile.gif You are playing with a fire with this song. Really thrilling side of your vocal skills. Thank you for sharing. Thumb up!
+0 January 17 2015 21:48:18 LeonardFarAnneCozean
thank you for that swell review, Leonard!
September 04 2014 20:01:02
NeronickNeronick OOOH Anne. I am your biggest fan but I missed that. But it is really great. Girl, you can sing! smile.gif
+0 September 04 2014 21:00:53 NeronickAnneCozean
Nick - thank you for the song love - so happy you like it! 8)
August 20 2014 20:35:10
BassCookBassCook It´s good for "meine Ohren" too...thank you Anne smile.gif
+0 January 17 2015 21:50:42 BassCookAnneCozean
thank you, BC. was machts du these days? all work and no play? das ist aber schade!!! many thanks, nach einmal.
August 13 2014 00:39:25
jamladyjamlady Wow Anne! Deine Stimme ist umwerfend gut!
+0 August 16 2014 18:36:04 jamladyAnneCozean
JamGal - oooo, ein neue wort: i LIKE umwerfend. many thank you's for deine Ohren.
August 07 2014 21:27:19
MidoruMidoru My foot started tapping instantly. Great vibe!
August 06 2014 00:30:44
jstefjstef Hey, this whole thing is so catchy smile.gif keeps singing in my head smile.gif Great job you all
August 03 2014 13:23:14
TEE-KWATEE-KWA ''Leave you some scar's'' love it....ouch....but in a good way...Nice smile.gif
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