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This is parts of a song I`m working with who hopefully gonna be something one day:) The lyrics is translated to english: I was born for just one thing, to be a slave for the state, it cost me very many hours, yes the job became my grave. I wandered around there in my truck, I traveled around the country. it broke my relationship and health, to hell what I was stupid,


March 25 2016 13:05:24
TelemetryTelemetry Enjoyed. Good vocal. smile.gif
August 28 2014 11:15:11
jmrukkersjmrukkers Great vocals ake
August 28 2014 02:02:09
MidoruMidoru Oh, I like this so much, ake - great job!!!
+1 August 28 2014 02:08:43 Midoruakethesnaker
Thanks Midorusmile.gif
August 26 2014 05:52:46
francisco alfrancisco al canta bem. muito bom
August 26 2014 03:54:05
RickplayerRickplayer As always some more great stuff well done
+1 August 26 2014 03:58:52 Rickplayerakethesnaker
Thanks Dave! It`s not ready just a test, when I hear it now I think it sucks. The electric guitar need some new frets thats for sure. The acoustic 12-string have new Elixir strings and it sounds SUPER! Buy Elixir for acoustic , cost 3 times more but you don`t gonna regret itWink
August 26 2014 04:07:11 RickplayerRickplayer
sometime when its bad sounding to you it becomes a super hit to others I like it just the way it is I'll work in a Bass line to help it out but it does sound great
August 26 2014 03:47:51
cody trippcody tripp this is awesome. very cool lyrics
+1 August 26 2014 03:48:34 cody trippakethesnaker
We are born slavessmile.gif
August 26 2014 03:49:33 cody trippcody tripp
You've got that right. Is that you singing? It's fantastic
August 26 2014 03:53:58 cody trippakethesnaker
Well I think I`m talking more than singingGrin
August 26 2014 03:55:45 cody trippcody tripp
It's musicians like you that drive me crazy. You can do it all
August 26 2014 04:00:21 cody trippakethesnaker
Hahaha, that comes from you who make better music than MozartGrin

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