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Sometimes I get the feeling I don’t want to be here, and sometimes I get the feeling I don’t want to be anywhere, oh and then I see you smile and I feel better than I did
before and it only takes a while so what am I waiting for , waiting for, oh baby I…..I can’t keep from wondering just what you are doing now, and do you know you seem to always be on my mind somehow, and then it’s like I feel your touch and it takes my breath away. How can it be it hurts so much, I don’t have the words to say. Oh baby I…. I can hear you breathing, it’s sounding so close to me, and is it only me that hears, it’s
supposed to be oh you and I, oh help me try to live my life again. The hours and the days go by till I can’t remember when. Oh baby I…. Oh and then I see you smile and I feel better than I did before and it only takes a while so what am I waiting for, waiting for,oh baby I.(Shi 2014)
My thanks to Dan for a lovely track :)


February 08 2015 11:08:12
onewholeftonewholeft Nice song but a terrible mix can't under the lyrics and the track seems to have to much of a bass type sound ! But it has lots of likes so it must be my headphones but then they seem to work well on other tracks
November 20 2014 17:48:11
heliandrosheliandros wonderful!
+1 November 20 2014 20:59:44 heliandrosShi
thankyou heliandros
November 03 2014 21:18:44
MrtwarrMrtwarr I am very close to using profanity to express how great this track is but will refrain and retain a small portion of my dignity. It is rather "awesome" and "beautiful". 8^)
September 28 2014 06:00:23
mic1011mic1011 Always great.
September 18 2014 17:19:46
Edge59Edge59 nicely done, very sweet voice! smile.gif
September 07 2014 18:08:34
gnoerrebygnoerreby Sensitive vocals! smile.gif
September 06 2014 20:08:03
allgirlallgirl very nice song, Shi. i really enjoyed listening to it.
+3 September 06 2014 20:08:57 allgirlShi
hi allgirl, thankyou smile.gif
September 06 2014 20:12:06 allgirlallgirl
none of us can sing but if we could, it would certainly be in the style of this song. thank you for sharing.
September 04 2014 20:59:05
KeitonKeiton Nice smile.gif
September 04 2014 19:54:26
dimeomaxdimeomax Very nice ballad from U .)
September 04 2014 02:58:29
akethesnakerakethesnaker Great vocals and song! Stop waiting!Wink
Sounds like: [ soft ] [ ballad ]

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