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Sorry guys, but not being able to record my bass drives me nuts so.. i get itchy & start getting ideas &… one of them is this
Loved the mix to begin with so i wrote a romantic little lyric & recorded it using my computer's built-in mic so obviously the quality is less than ideal - as if i was a great singer & that mattered !!…LOL..
Anyway, tried to leave some space for maybe a little guitar solo, horns or so & here it is, was fun to do & i hope it's not too horrible for you to listen


August 11 2015 04:23:23
RelativityRelativity NUNO!!!!!OMG! This is great!
+1 August 11 2015 05:20:24 Relativitynuno1959
Thanks R-Man, crazy the things you unearth .. Wink Wink
August 11 2015 05:22:40 RelativityRelativity
You have heart Nuno. Emotion. You love music. I respect that alot. Its wonderful to just see someone like you just do something like this for the love and fun of it.
August 11 2015 13:41:16 Relativitynuno1959
Many thanks my friend.. Wink
June 23 2015 04:54:32
piperpiper You go boy!
+1 June 23 2015 05:43:00 pipernuno1959
Grin What was i thinking !?… Grin
Thanks Piper !!
June 23 2015 05:44:00 piperpiper
It was fun to hear a male voice Wink
March 07 2015 19:22:04
scrawfrd02scrawfrd02 Yeah nuno! haven't heard you sing. great take!
+1 March 07 2015 19:56:29 scrawfrd02nuno1959
Thanks man, SO damn rusty but was fun playing the crooner.. Wink
September 09 2014 11:14:18
Rod_StevensRod_Stevens All you need is a stage. The chicks will throw their panties up, no doubt Wink
+1 September 09 2014 11:41:34 Rod_Stevensnuno1959
Oh man….All i EVER wanted was to ba a hard rockin' dude !! Grin
September 04 2014 19:46:34
dimeomaxdimeomax Great
+1 September 04 2014 19:47:52 dimeomaxnuno1959
I figure if i torture people hard enough w/ my singing, someone WILL step in & hurry my interface being sent to me ASAP !! Grin
September 04 2014 14:35:47
docnatdocnat Here is expressed all the canary that there is in you, and frankly I was not expecting so much canary because you are really a cool singer! smile.gif
+2 September 04 2014 15:29:41 docnatnuno1959
Thanks Doc, appreciated but… why has everyone suddenly fled my neighbourhood ?? Grin
September 05 2014 00:39:16 docnatdocnat
they will never have seen a so big canary, I think. What else?
September 05 2014 01:00:24 docnatnuno1959
all 220 pounds of it !! Grin
September 04 2014 05:53:03
mic1011mic1011 Nice I like it. What happened to your bass?
+1 September 04 2014 11:22:23 mic1011nuno1959
Thanks Mic, glad you liked it ! Wink
Fortunately my basses are all fine,problem was my audio interface which went bonkers on me & had to be returned for a replacement… Frown
Now the wait is KILLING me !! Grin
September 04 2014 03:04:56
akethesnakerakethesnaker smile.gif Think I`m gonna back you up here with some vocals if I have time and comes in the right mood.
+0 September 04 2014 03:22:56 akethesnakernuno1959
Hey, the more the merrier !! Wink
September 04 2014 02:54:29
francisco alfrancisco al você canta legal. bom trabalho
+1 September 04 2014 03:22:27 francisco alnuno1959
Eh, eh… Obrigado Francisco ! Wink
September 05 2014 04:02:25 francisco alfrancisco al
ok nuno
September 04 2014 00:58:46
MidoruMidoru Now that's dedication - good job, nuno!!!
+1 September 04 2014 01:12:17 Midorununo1959
Glad you liked it Md, sometimes it's fun to get out of one's ''comfort zone'' ! Wink
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