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Just a little ranting again on the built-in mic of my computer…. No writing, it was ad-libed right after listening to the ''Japanese Garden'' mix by Cody, Lenny & Basster - sorry guys if i twisted it around too much but i must admit, good fun doing it !! Enjoy...


August 11 2015 18:39:25
TG_StratTG_Strat Hahaha great track!!! smile.gif Grin Shock
+1 August 11 2015 22:17:14 TG_Stratnuno1959
…LOL… It was good fun doing yes, thanks TG !! Wink
October 07 2014 20:53:01
@FreshFunk@FreshFunk Nuno on vocals - found this - great in telling that touch Zappa feel...
+1 October 07 2014 21:03:48 @FreshFunknuno1959
Grin @Fresh : Cool that you spotted the ''Zappa vibe'' !
I didn't want to copy but certainly wanted to give it that sort of twist...
Yup, Uncle Frank was DEFINITELY one of the people i looked up to !! Wink
September 08 2014 04:12:20
jamladyjamlady wow, das Lachen im Takt!
+1 September 08 2014 21:05:39 jamladynuno1959
Wink Thanks JamLady..
September 07 2014 18:16:47
gnoerrebygnoerreby I could I miss this dark track? Creazy in a good way! When I see your avatar I´m sure you found the right place! smile.gif
+1 September 07 2014 21:10:56 gnoerrebynuno1959
Glad you had fun listening to it Gno ! Wink
September 05 2014 16:59:09
gioganottigioganotti My tax to the Church of the singing bassists smile.gif
+1 September 05 2014 17:09:50 gioganottinuno1959
Grin Grin !!
September 05 2014 11:54:56
BassterBasster Very interesting add bro!! I like it - it is great!!
+1 September 05 2014 12:03:39 Bassternuno1959
Thanks Basster, good fun to do Wink
September 05 2014 10:23:03
WadeWade OK, now I know what you sound like! Not a Portuguese accent. Also got an idea of your politics! Nice to know there are other expats with similar thoughts/experiences. Cheers.
+1 September 05 2014 13:59:01 Wadenuno1959
I AM portuguese but... aren't we above all else citizens of this world !? Wink
& although i live in my native country sometimes i DO fee like an alien… on planet earth that is !! Grin
September 05 2014 23:22:15 WadeWade
Sounds like you've lived on the east coast of the USA for a while...where else did that accent come from? Maybe you've watched too many Bruce Willis movies?
September 05 2014 23:36:44 Wadenuno1959
Grin as a kid i lived in Canada for a few years, then i had an absolutely AMAZING english teacher in high school & to round it up, I live in a highly touristic destination where MOST visitors use english to communicate so… i practice a bit ! ?
September 05 2014 08:01:48
mike_mp-1mike_mp-1 Hey Nuno, are you tired ? I know the feeling, great stuff guys. Hey Nuno, quit your job, work sucks
+1 September 05 2014 13:59:53 mike_mp-1nuno1959
Thanks Mike ! Just a little rant to blow some steam off… Wink
September 05 2014 04:52:23
francisco alfrancisco al legal
+1 September 05 2014 05:08:29 francisco alnuno1959
Obrigado Francisco ! Wink
September 05 2014 01:21:03
ToadCruncherToadCruncher my face hurts from smiling for the entire 5:49 minutes. hehehe.
bonkers but an all too true story, hang in there mansmile.gif

+1 September 05 2014 05:07:57 ToadCrunchernuno1959
Hey TC great you enjoyed it, Thanks !
That was EXACTLY my intention :
Fun yet slightly pathological & so on Wink

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