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He walked into the barroom.
A hush fell over the place.
He put a small box on the table.
Had a sly grin on his face.
His eyes blazed with fire.
I waited for him to speak.
He pulled out his .44
And put the barrel to his cheek.
With a voice deep and gravelly.
And eyes that didn't blink.
Give me a shot of whiskey
I've been a week without a drink.
Then he pointed to the box.
Cocking the hammer on his gun.
If I catch anyone touching that
they'll never see the rising of the sun.
He slowly walked up to the bar.
Each step his spurs would clank.
He stood there... back to the counter
And watched us as he drank.
One brave soul in the back yelled out.
Mind telling us what's in the box?
He pointed his .44 at the man.
I'll kill the next man who talks.
He gulped down the whiskey.
Threw the shot glass on the floor.
Walked over and picked up the box.
And he walked on out the d


November 14 2014 22:21:49
mike_mp-1mike_mp-1 Nice job Cody, love the
September 19 2014 13:54:28
Rod_StevensRod_Stevens smile.gif
September 19 2014 13:40:34
nuno1959nuno1959 I suspect that was a ''Wild West'' version of Smeagol/Gollum & he kept his Pweciouss in the box ? Wink
Dang, close call guys, oouuff !!... Grin

+1 September 19 2014 16:40:45 nuno1959cody tripp
LOL I knew you would figure it out Nuno
September 19 2014 00:28:56
RobMRobM Instant thumb smile.gif
September 18 2014 22:11:25
akethesnakerakethesnaker Love it! Super lyrics!
September 18 2014 20:49:06
KeitonKeiton Cool smile.gif
September 18 2014 20:34:46
ShiShi got my vote Steve and Cody...nice one indeed smile.gif
September 18 2014 20:15:29
NeronickNeronick This is a really cool song!!! Great story telling style like Hurricane.
September 18 2014 19:52:33
UloisiusUloisius very cool ;o)
September 18 2014 18:46:18
SlonMusicSlonMusic Great one, Cody! I see you don't like flog a dead time, bro=)
Very fast work, nice lyrics!


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