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Just a little practice thing I was working on but I thought might be fun for bass and keys or other guitarists. Lots of improv options with this (I think) :)


September 27 2014 15:26:25
LutzLutz Sounds nice and rich for improv. Yet I do not hear a 2-5-1. A#maj is more like a Dm/Bb and a Tonic C chord I do not hear. Please Analyze Wink
+1 September 27 2014 22:18:11 LutzDanalyze45
I was hoping either you or Oliv might weigh in...definitely not a traditional ii V I but I was at a loss to describe. First chord Dm. Second chord is a G add9....then that third chord is a C9 that I start with an added A note on the high E string. I sat on it long enough where I didn't feel it as a "passing" chord...and to my ear the added high A note took it away from C9 and more to a "A#" tonality and that set of notes then comes out to be a A#Maj9Sharp11 ??? That was the thought process.
September 23 2014 05:20:12
francisco alfrancisco al legal
September 22 2014 07:45:15
KeitonKeiton nice smile.gif
September 21 2014 23:48:44
nuno1959nuno1959 Sounds LOVELY, should attract very interesting adds...
+1 September 22 2014 04:11:24 nuno1959Danalyze45
I'm hoping
September 21 2014 14:51:30
RickplayerRickplayer cool practice jam
Sounds like: [ ii V I in C ] [ Ballad in C ]

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