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Some Stones flavor with 2 guitars on verses. Lots of overdubs on chorus.

This drum backing track was actually difficult in a sense because of the syncopation on the 2nd chorus. after I wrote and doubled the first chorus I was surprised to find that the chorus part wouldnt work on the 2nd chorus hehe. So basically the first chorus is sort of like the Stones, or Free, and the 2nd chorus is more like Bo Diddley

I burned the midnight oil on the mix and probably lost all objectivity trying to get correct levels and avoid clipping etc. The verses are very laid back and then the choruses jump out more


September 30 2014 12:32:39
NeronickNeronick I really liked to hear each part soloed and naked to learn from you.
September 28 2014 21:13:18
cody trippcody tripp killer
September 28 2014 17:46:57
nuno1959nuno1959 Fun add JJ - as usually is the case with you Wink
+1 September 28 2014 17:48:21 nuno1959JonJon
fun to listen to...pain in neck to mix lol. Its like cooking, you spend hours making it and its gone in 3 minutes, hehe
September 28 2014 15:38:09
OliVBeeOliVBee nice guitars ! cool crunch Wink
+1 September 28 2014 15:49:08 OliVBeeJonJon
lotsa overdubs on that first chorus plus volume changes etc.

verse gtrs one and two get volume knob turned all the way up and they do a basic Keith Richards suspended/open string type riff.

Gtrs 3 and 4 are power chords split left and right. They can barely be heard lol.

Gtrs 5 and 6 are doing double stops on the g and b strings and the little lick.

I may be leaving out a set of guitars though, who knows, it was laaaaaatttttteeee last nite.

2nd "chorus" is just 4 guitars
September 28 2014 15:56:00 OliVBeeOliVBee
cool beans man smile.gif nice to hear the behind the story making off Wink
September 28 2014 16:01:12 OliVBeeJonJon
I think a lot of us on the loops are alike. We have talent etc but other things limit us such as time lol. Then we try to compare our results that we acheive in 3 hours to results that bands achieve who spend 6-8 MONTHS on albums
That being said I have absolutely no idea how producers keep up with, say, 30 different tracks.

I like to give some explanations as to chords, voicings, overdubs etc as a way of helping others who may be less experienced etc
September 28 2014 16:21:51 OliVBeeOliVBee
nice way of thinking Wink ... keep it up !
September 28 2014 15:00:00
RickplayerRickplayer well done
September 28 2014 11:58:20
mulambomulambo very good!! sounds like southern rock to me. dig it!
September 28 2014 11:42:34
bhunt1bhunt1 another nice 1
September 28 2014 11:37:19
incivanpicoincivanpico nice1 JonJonWinkcool sound m8!smile.gif
September 28 2014 11:24:48
haddockhaddock Cooool! smile.gif
September 28 2014 10:59:59
KeitonKeiton Cool JonJon smile.gif
Sounds like: [ Rolling Stones ] [ Free ] [ Bo Diddley ] [ overdubs ] [ crunch ]

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