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Another 70s vibe rocker. Nice tight groove. Singers (or others) feel free to jump in


May 12 2016 08:07:23
GirardGirard badass jam dude. You intimidate people with the one man band thing...maybe that's it. You play bass. You play guitar. You sing. What don't you do? lol
December 05 2014 00:30:51
SophieSophie great sound
November 26 2014 07:04:33
jojojojo tracknya bagus jonjon
October 19 2014 19:28:27
nuno1959nuno1959 Hey JJ, you come up with VERY nice, gritty guitar adds man !
Well done !! Wink

+1 November 06 2014 15:46:38 nuno1959JonJon
disappointing that no singers feel my work is worth adding vox to. Its a little hard to understand. It must be nice to be a singer if there is so much music out there that stuff like this just collects dust
November 06 2014 20:15:53 nuno1959nuno1959
Don't be so hard on yourself, it's all good ! Wink

I'd say it's not about worth but rather if it ''strikes a chord inside'' - you know what i mean ?
Myself, there are mixes I just start humming along a bass part, automatically - while others although supremely enjoyable, i listen to them but don't compel me to jam w/

Does any of this even make sense ? Wink

But if you really want me to, i can mess it up for good with my crappy voice !! Grin Grin
November 06 2014 21:56:23 nuno1959JonJon
just venting. I mean, this is a musician collab website lol. Evidently there must be like 2000 guitarists for every singer. I guess the singers can pick from 2000 songs etc? I know that people like Ozzy dont play an instrument. He has his band come up with music and then he comes up with lyrics and melodies. Same with RonnieVanZant in the old Lynyrd Skynyrd. They played, he came up with lyrics/melodies. When I listen to my stuff objectively I feel it is pretty where are the Ozzys or VanZants?

If I would have known the situation many years ago I wouldnt have bothered learning guitar, rather I would have focused on singing
October 19 2014 01:48:15
RickplayerRickplayer great playing
October 18 2014 11:55:26
KeitonKeiton cool play and sound smile.gif
Sounds like: [ Billy Squire ] [ Montrose ] [ UFO ] [ Groove ]
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