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March 30 2015 06:34:14
HaffastHaffast Now this is cool! Awesome work Zenon!
October 23 2014 03:45:07
akethesnakerakethesnaker Nice playing Zenon!Wink
October 22 2014 21:39:40
cody trippcody tripp excellent
October 22 2014 13:28:59
incivanpicoincivanpico Seriously cool! loves itsmile.gifsmile.gif
October 22 2014 05:58:46
mic1011mic1011 I'm gonna make it my life mission to jam this RIGHT. Now you've done it.
October 22 2014 05:57:26
mic1011mic1011 5th time now smile.gif

I wish we could link timestamps in the tracks like on Youtube! (Paging DICK).

2:30-2:50 FTW The dropdown, and subsequent flow of energy was THERE. You know what I mean!

October 22 2014 05:51:57
mic1011mic1011 Listening for the 3rd time. I grew up on 80's metal/arena rock/hair rock. LOL

You slayed it man, it's a crazy jam with all the right emotion and power. BAM! I hope you don't ever have to deal with being dismissed as "just another rocker".

Some of the best music I heard today!

+2 October 22 2014 19:52:48 mic1011Zenon
ty dude, is the idea Grin. I am just rehearing some of that kind stuff, lately i am rolling Slave to the grind almost every day lol. Really appreccie your comments, they made my day
October 22 2014 20:25:26 mic1011mic1011
I'm not sure I had the keys right. What was the main key?
October 22 2014 21:11:26 mic1011Zenon
haha i posted that before the i earse it cos' i dindt saw your upload, it didt show. Anyway, ya u got most of the thing right.

anyway here it is

First part is E, i think u got right thee twin guitar riff, (e a b d e). After first melody u miss step a bit (1:00). C chord, then E (the lil lick is e a e g e or something). 2:15 stuff is D, then A.
October 23 2014 02:19:42 mic1011mic1011
Perfect thank you. I'm gonna do this a bunch and get it right. I'll post each decent run. Once I get it right it should be pretty good.
October 22 2014 05:50:19
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler It is really as J.Waterssmile.gif
+1 October 22 2014 20:06:00 Lenny CowlerZenon
probably he was one of my first soloing references. He refreshed thrash for me
October 22 2014 04:35:40
RobMRobM Liking this one Zenon. Nice work mate smile.gif

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