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This is my first attempt to do some singing.... In my band they are always asking me to do so... but I find it's hard to play and sing at the same time.....

Well I'm no singer but the intention is right I think!.....

some REAL feedback would be nice..... :)


April 12 2016 23:17:33
jaeusmjaeusm You asked for "real" feedback, but I don't think this track could be fully appreciated without the lead vocal. After Alice's addition, it's clear that this is nearly perfect. You're very talented and have excellent instincts. I'm glad you're here giving us the opportunity to play along with you. Great job, man smile.gif
+1 April 12 2016 23:29:24 jaeusmMarceys
Thank you very much for this kind comment jaeusm! Alice did a great job indeed, she nailed the track very cool!
This is what wikiloops is about, having fun with eachother and making cool music! smile.gif
January 30 2016 01:30:31
RelativityRelativity Hey Marc, checked in and this song is outstanding! Really nice. This is going on my next "Essential Wikiloops" compilation. Love this one.
+1 January 30 2016 10:26:46 RelativityMarceys
Thanks man, that's cool to hear! smile.gif
January 27 2016 21:06:53
kennyadrykennyadry I have to say that you are not only a genius to playing, but a master arranger smile.gif
+1 January 28 2016 11:58:36 kennyadryMarceys
Haha, thanks man! Just following my instinct here... smile.gif
January 27 2016 01:01:46
PsychoPsycho It worked out just great... you sing well I've heard more recent songs that were just fantastic smile.gif
+1 January 28 2016 11:57:52 PsychoMarceys
haha, think this was the first or maybe second vocal approach I tried... smile.gif
January 26 2016 21:36:45
YoWildYoWild Genius man!
+1 January 26 2016 23:30:20 YoWildMarceys
Thanks YoWild! One of my first plants here.. smile.gif Cool to hear these back!
October 29 2014 07:40:08
akethesnakerakethesnaker Very nice! You have a good voice!
+0 October 29 2014 17:05:21 akethesnakerMarceys
tnx Ake, wait till I sing a song with words. Some other piece of cake (expression in Dutch)
October 29 2014 01:06:31
nuno1959nuno1959 Your playing is GREAT & as you know i love it !
Now… your singing ? First attempt you say ?
DAMN GOOD is what i think - VERY NICE mix, stupendous result

+0 October 29 2014 17:04:23 nuno1959Marceys
tnx Nuno.....for now only some ooh...oohh aahhhh's... smile.gif
October 29 2014 00:37:57
KaiPlanKaiPlan Great! Grin
+0 October 29 2014 17:05:47 KaiPlanMarceys
tnx KaiPlan!
October 28 2014 22:34:13
alexjalexj that is a lovely lovely track, and the singing makes it!
+1 October 28 2014 22:44:49 alexjMarceys
Tnx Alex, not really singing yet but a first attempt.....the harmony is cool I think...
October 28 2014 21:48:55
MolberMolber tasty track smile.gif
+0 October 28 2014 22:42:55 MolberMarceys
Tnx Molber!
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