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Song For Inci(Rose Montag)Lonely Man came about when my teacher Tony was over and I was jamin Bon Jovi's Wanted Dead or Alive track, but I started to reverse the Riff. And that's when this song kicked in. Its about my street adventure after a lot of crap:). Tony just dropped the chords over my riff, un did the solo in 1/2 hour tops, got up un said that's for you!
Man its no wonder I love his style,un wat a m8!:)
One day i'll add vocal but its open for all to do somin Okay!;)


November 01 2014 23:13:39
nuno1959nuno1959 SUPER MIX Pico, sooooo nice !! Wink
November 01 2014 11:35:40
RobMRobM Isn't it incredible how crap in your life brings out such incredible beauty. This is really beautiful Inci. Mate it doesnt need vocals. Your guitar tells the story beautifully smile.gif
+1 November 01 2014 14:55:27 RobMincivanpico
The guitar is Tony!.I had that intro bit, and he came up with some was like it was saying Lonely Man!..then he just smashed out this solo. He'd sussd my life story cause of lyrics on other stuff...but Tony just has that ability to connect!, but then I'm bias m8!Wink
November 02 2014 00:19:25 RobMRobM
Mate it really is a grest song. smile.gif
November 01 2014 07:36:48
UloisiusUloisius very cool ;o)
+1 November 01 2014 14:47:26 Uloisiusincivanpico
danke UloWink
November 01 2014 01:07:57
RickplayerRickplayer super cool track
+1 November 01 2014 01:11:29 Rickplayerincivanpico
cheerz Rick!Wink
October 31 2014 23:34:07
Buran70Buran70 Wow really wonderful!!!
+1 October 31 2014 23:42:53 Buran70incivanpico
Hey Thanx Buran!smile.gif all seems sad until 2.15 then epiphany bit happens, then the end bit is like Okay! i'm ready who wants a bit!Grin....magical moments m8 along the path of lifeWink
Cheerz Buddy!smile.gifsmile.gif
October 31 2014 23:10:01
cody trippcody tripp awesome
+1 October 31 2014 23:11:54 cody trippincivanpico
cheerz bro!Wink
October 31 2014 22:17:38
aduadu man you know awesome musicians smile.gif But "Rosenmontag" hört sich anders an! (Rose Monday sounds different!) Nice one smile.gif
+1 October 31 2014 22:25:37 aduincivanpico
ja adu, fur mich Rosenmontag I enjoyed with inci und friends 1st timesmile.gif(so I kinda got wat it was aboutGrin). The next time I was alone un on the streets after Langenfeld....and so the fest was different from my perspective...but hey those are da Bluez. That's wat my m8's saw in me and told me I should write yup these guys are awesome both as musicians but as friends m8'smile.gif
November 01 2014 03:10:38 aduincivanpico
"Rose Montag" ja genau!
my mistake m8!Wink
October 31 2014 22:01:51
MishteriaMishteria Very nice inci!smile.gif
+1 October 31 2014 22:10:22 Mishteriaincivanpico
cheerz MishWink

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