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if you wish to change this idea, I will post all seperate lines. But in this case I think it's better to search for a singer part. It seems to me complete concerning instrumental.
Would be nice to have an empathic female voice over this tune, don't you think?


September 07 2015 00:03:00
kennyadrykennyadry I stumbled upon this and I'm glad i did! Awesome arrangement and lovely music here!
+1 September 07 2015 17:46:07 kennyadryheliandros
glad, you stumbled upon this and had a good time, my friend smile.gif
September 01 2015 09:18:16
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Das ist großartig!! Wundervolles Werk!! Zum Glück hast Du Dir Zeit gelassen das Ganze zu entwickeln, tolle Arbeit!!
+1 September 01 2015 18:10:28 frankyguitarheliandros
Lieben Dank
August 30 2015 21:46:28
jamladyjamlady großartige Komposition! interessant gestaltet!
+1 September 01 2015 18:10:17 jamladyheliandros
danke dir
August 30 2015 06:27:48
GirardGirard Outstanding!
+1 August 30 2015 15:09:00 Girardheliandros
merci, Girard
August 15 2015 21:29:57
pklieschpkliesch Was läuft ihm denn da für ein Kleinod über den Weg, welches er vor unvordenklichen Zeiten erschaffen hat? Unglaublich starkes Stück, lieber Andreas smile.gif
+1 August 15 2015 22:51:48 pklieschheliandros
Ja, ja... die alten Sachen... habe die ganze Zeit gehofft, dass so schöne Menschen wie ihr endlich mal darüber stolpert und dann daraus noch Schöneres macht Wink
May 13 2015 09:50:09
LieschingLiesching Fantastic heliandros! smile.gif
+1 August 15 2015 22:49:27 Lieschingheliandros
Danke, Marc, für dein schönes Kompliment. Ich freu mich darüber.
January 29 2015 22:22:07
iCloudiaiCloudia Thank You for sharing your aural visions. My flute is my emphatic voice. This basic track is a fertile field to run though - perhaps to fly. . . or even soar. Will share some humble breathings. . . perhaps. . .
+1 August 15 2015 23:00:22 iCloudiaheliandros
thank you so much, I forgot this tune...
December 09 2014 23:44:16
@FreshFunk@FreshFunk great template!!
+1 August 15 2015 23:01:02 @FreshFunkheliandros
November 21 2014 21:16:13
jojojojo nice harmony sound
+1 August 15 2015 23:01:31 jojoheliandros
thank you, jojo
November 20 2014 20:13:48
hurzelhurzel Great composition! I like the bright, shiny acoustic guitar pieces you sprinkle around.

Would be cool to have split tracks to add individual instruments, but its a nice song on its own.

+1 August 15 2015 23:03:56 hurzelheliandros
Benjamin, this was my first sin here... second was to forget this tune... promised I will give it an absolute harmony 2.0 smile.gif

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