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Playing my beat up old guitar, I’m in the window of a smokey bar. Hoping that you’ll like my songs enough to put some of your money, there in the tip jar, but there’s no beer on the piano and it’s getting so hot in here, but I’m still there standing in the window and it’s getting too late I fear. ‘Cause the boys are getting rowdy and I keep on singing still, the haze is all around me, but carry on, I will. And it’s crazy all around me, but carry on, I will. I’m searching for the words that might just touch somebody’s heart, I’m giving it my all tonight, like I’ve done from the start. So it’s nearly 2a.m. oh my, and the time is moving on, and do they really give a damn, are they listening to my song. And do they really give a damn are they listening to my song…Telling such a story and it’s one I know that’s true, but maybe they ignore me ‘Cause it’s all that they can do. Everyday life comes in and it cuts you down to size. You got a choice, it’s s


December 23 2014 21:55:16
frankyguitarfrankyguitar nice story, so easy and slightly narreated, with the tough background - I like it
November 23 2014 00:34:48
UloisiusUloisius Wikiloops Top 50 Charts – 20.11.2014 – Position: 6
November 18 2014 04:18:36
akethesnakerakethesnaker Super! Wish I could write lyrics so easy like you seems to dosmile.gif
November 17 2014 10:59:39
MalCoMalCo Real nice song. great it.
November 17 2014 03:57:19
francisco alfrancisco al muito bom trabalho
November 16 2014 22:25:24
WadeWade Great juxtaposition of your smooth voice and the rough jam backing that makes the lyrics fit so well. This is art.
+1 November 17 2014 10:34:29 WadeShi
what a kind compliment Wade, thank you smile.gif
November 16 2014 22:03:18
MarceysMarceys Great!
November 16 2014 21:34:41
nuno1959nuno1959 What a FUN mix, congrats Chocolate Crazed Lady ! Wink
+1 November 16 2014 21:39:36 nuno1959Shi
Grin nunooo nooooooo chocolate
November 17 2014 01:06:56 nuno1959nuno1959
Wink Wink
November 16 2014 21:30:09
RobMRobM Great vocals (and lyrics) as usual smile.gif
+1 November 16 2014 21:32:07 RobMShi
thanks Rob smile.gif
November 16 2014 19:37:43
JazzyJazzy ...good to hear.
Sounds like: [ slimdaver ] [ rastafari ] [ shi ] [ unplugged ] [ acoustic ]
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