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February 29 2016 10:34:02
djguniedjgunie Super bass
November 24 2014 00:57:14
SlimdaverSlimdaver Really good. Just totally correct me if I'm wrong, but I think at some point either the guitar or the bass needs to carry the jam and both play in sync, otherwise it's one long extended jam out. My ear doesn't know what to pick, either the bass or the guitar. A part of the jam with the bass and guitar each off into improv-land would be incredible. I'm giving thumbs up, because super thumbs up worthy. My theory only works if trying for an actual song, where maybe this is just supposed to be a kick butt jam. Rock on.
+2 November 24 2014 08:38:07 SlimdaverPeterVeillon
Nothing a guitar solo and vocals couldn't cure Wink even some keys building up on the 2nd half. I think this is just a foundation for a possible song. You of all the musicians know all the key components of a hit song. Thinks for lending us your thoughts. It's always helpful to get that kinda feedback smile.gif thanks for your support Dave
November 24 2014 13:30:27 SlimdaverPeterVeillon
Ok I reread you first statement about how the bass and guitar could work if more synched. I get what you're saying. You wanna write something for the original mix Dave and then jmk could lay something solid on top? Just an idea. smile.gif
November 23 2014 23:35:17
arkearke Awesome!
November 23 2014 20:24:04
gnoerrebygnoerreby The real rock!!!!
November 23 2014 20:03:18
cody trippcody tripp killer!!!
November 23 2014 19:18:32
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler perfect bass Jmsmile.gif
November 23 2014 18:04:59
bhunt1bhunt1 awesome smile.gif
November 23 2014 17:04:34
nuno1959nuno1959 DAMN, earlier on it was a mix called ''Back to Flower Power'' now it's ''8 tracks & Trans Ams'' !? Are we traveling back in time or what ?
'Cause i absolutely REFUSE to wear bell bottom pants & platform shoes AGAIN !! Grin

November 23 2014 16:50:07
PeterVeillonPeterVeillon Man that was one fast response lol. Your bass is really kickin. Hope to get more remixes like this. Thanks jmrukkers. It's good to jam with you again
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