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Loved the mantra like guitar ''drone'' Heliandros posted & i immediately knew how i wanted to go about it !
I downloaded from YouTube a couple of videos depicting shepherds & their flocks of sheep in Southern Portugal, took their soundtracks, mixed it all with my bass &… here you have it !!

I'm sure a Master Recorder/Mixer would fare better than i did making this but i think if you close your eyes & lay back on your sofa, it WILL feel close enough to walking with the flock on a sunny afternoon in Alentejo amidst the fields - for a complete ''Interactive Feel'' grab a glass of wine, some olives, sheep cheese, a slice of home made bread & nibble on that while listening….

Enjoy !! ;)


December 02 2014 18:09:03
TumBassTumBass Great! smile.gif
+1 December 02 2014 19:14:05 TumBassnuno1959
Thanks TBass ! Wink
December 01 2014 00:27:16
MalCoMalCo Top Notch...great it.
+1 December 01 2014 02:59:22 MalConuno1959
Much appreciated MalCo, very happy you like it !
It was such fun to do, it's ALMOST sinful !! Wink
November 30 2014 21:48:15
RobMRobM Brilliant Nuno ... took me away immediately smile.gif
+1 December 01 2014 00:08:11 RobMnuno1959
Good to know my friend - just a little bit of the laid back feel of my country ! Wink
November 30 2014 21:16:29
ShiShi well that sounds like a plan ! Cool idea and sounds nunoooo smile.gif
+1 December 01 2014 00:07:17 Shinuno1959
Cheers Shi, glad you enjoyed this little silly thing.. Wink
November 30 2014 19:44:15
UloisiusUloisius Super ;o)
+1 December 01 2014 00:06:13 Uloisiusnuno1959
Wink Thank you Ulo !
November 30 2014 19:08:31
incivanpicoincivanpico Great warm soothing sounds nuno! it!Wink
+1 November 30 2014 19:14:16 incivanpiconuno1959
Inspiration for a new business model in northern countries :
People walk into a parlour, big reclining soft massaging chairs, a pair of super light highest quality headphones over their ears & they can choose from a selection of ''soudscapes'' :
Walking the sheep, going up a mountain, walk by the seaside….
Let's make a bloody fortune !! Wink While the money pours in, we can sit in the pub next door, stuffing our faces w/ pints !! Grin
November 30 2014 18:58:57
heliandrosheliandros what a wonderful work nuno, so nice, thank you! smile.gif
+1 November 30 2014 18:59:45 heliandrosnuno1959
I'm the one who must thank you for such an inspiring template !! Wink
November 30 2014 18:53:02
TutamaTutama Very, very nice.. amazing... Wink
+1 November 30 2014 18:56:08 Tutamanuno1959
Ah o Menino tambem gosta da pastorícia !?
Eu cheira-me que é mais das pastoras… Grin
November 30 2014 18:41:06
aduadu Nuno our shepherd Wink tasty and dreamy smile.gif
+1 November 30 2014 18:45:45 adununo1959
Please Adu, i can't even find my own way : I'm VERY good at walking in circles !!… Grin
Glad you enjoyed that, it was SUCH FUN to make Wink
November 30 2014 18:41:03
rastafarirastafari Great spacial vibe template
+1 November 30 2014 18:43:00 rastafarinuno1959
Thanks Rasta, i'm very pleased : i DID aim at a mix of timelessness & great outdoor's space ! Wink

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