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December 12 2014 22:11:37
machetemachete its so hard to comprehend people like that guy, when theres a child suffering due to someone shirking their responsibility (and denying themselves such a heap of wonder at the same time)... then again, fatherhood especially is a very vague concept for a lot of people. how afraid that guy must be of connecting to anyone, even his parents. its so sad, really - and you tell the tale with such compassion. thank you for the thoughts!
+1 December 18 2014 03:32:58 macheteMarianne
Many thanks for your sensitive and thoughtful musings on this sad occurrence all over the world. I grew up in that milieu; and thank you for recognising Paidra's compassionate telling of it, machete smile.gif
December 23 2014 21:37:12 machetemachete
i am sorry to hear that, especially so since i am blessed with knowing mostly interested, loving and responsible fathers. it breaks my heart to think about how often this is otherwise.
December 26 2014 07:25:01 macheteMarianne
Thank you, machete! It weighed on me growing up and for many more years; but there came a time where it no longer hurt smile.gif
December 30 2014 09:20:13 machetemachete
it is wonderful that you got past this heavy weight. it is not worth becoming an unhappy person over something like this, but that happens far too often.
December 31 2014 07:57:48 macheteMarianne
Thank you, machete. smile.gif
December 10 2014 07:31:58
UloisiusUloisius sehr cooles Stück, mir geht es leider so wie Heli, ich spreche einfach zu schlecht englisch um alles zu verstehen.
@Marianne: Wenn du den Text verschickst dann schicke ihn doch bitte auch mir, wenn es geht bitte auch den Text von "Depression" ;o)

+1 December 11 2014 06:47:15 UloisiusMarianne
Danke schoen, Uli! smile.gif
Ich hoffe den Text hier wiederzufinden; und den Text von Depression schicke ich dir heute Abend noch. smile.gif
December 10 2014 02:21:18
cody trippcody tripp cool
+1 December 10 2014 06:56:05 cody trippMarianne
Thank you, cody...a story by Paidra smile.gif
December 10 2014 00:45:07
RobMRobM The trials and tribulations of love and life. Quite a story, very interesting.
+1 December 10 2014 00:48:36 RobMMarianne
Such is life, and no one tells is better than Paidra! Thank you for your generous words of encouragment, RobM smile.gif
December 09 2014 23:59:03
heliandrosheliandros I'm always curious what comes next from you. I love to be surprised.
I wish I would understand english better only by ear... would intensify my experience from this narrated story. Would be great to have the possibility to read the text, for us poor english speakers smile.gif

+1 December 10 2014 00:43:48 heliandrosMarianne
Thank you so much, heli, for being such a wonderful encourager smile.gif
Ich werde versuchen dir die lyrics zuzuschicken! smile.gif
December 10 2014 00:47:12 heliandrosMarianne
Paidra is the story teller...always with a surprise message at hand smile.gif

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