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Opened a thread on this recording in the forum.


February 17 2016 20:00:45
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler Wow!!!Excellentsmile.gif
January 12 2016 21:29:49
frenziefrenzie Superb what a soul! From the toes, straight to the heart!
love it! smile.gif thanks for this great song!

+1 January 12 2016 22:01:17 frenziefanne
Thanks frenzie!I'll tell her you like her smile.gif
January 12 2016 22:11:30 frenziefrenzie
Was looking for your thread on the forum? Just interested... and btw love your piano play and editing great songwritingsmile.gif
January 12 2016 22:12:15 frenziefrenzie
You tell her she deserves a big applause smile.gif
July 03 2015 03:18:41
akethesnakerakethesnaker Love it!
July 02 2015 18:02:40
bleymehlbleymehl Wonderful song, amazing vocals!
May 19 2015 00:39:16
TelemetryTelemetry Great Vocal. Amen. smile.gif
March 10 2015 15:41:48
LieschingLiesching What a piece!!! Amateur on the piano? Shock
+2 March 11 2015 12:43:50 Lieschingfanne
writing is one thing ,playing another, I used my scissors and glue to make from the 50 takes one decent one smile.gif
January 12 2015 02:39:19
MorganLeFeyMorganLeFey fantastic vocals omg I wish I had her pipes!!! fantasic backing also John
+1 January 12 2015 10:32:30 MorganLeFeyfanne
thanks Vicky
January 08 2015 00:26:00
mandoloddamandolodda first: welcome on wikiloops, second: who is singing, third: I love to have chords, because I am an amateursmile.gif
+1 January 08 2015 22:30:51 mandoloddafanne
Sorry, Mandolodda no chords only the written music of the piece.
Chords are too summarily to get this song played; the music is not that complex as I am an amateur on the piano too.
You find the music here:
As for the singer I can’t give her identity for I don’t have her permission.
She’s a college and a friend of mine for more than a decade, and we worked together on many projects, I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t be very pleased that I put this version to the outside world and for sure , I won’t jeopardize our friendship.
When we do another version and I have her permission I would gladly give her full credits.
The only reason for this upload was that maybe someone had experience in recording a classic vocalist in a home recording situation.
January 08 2015 23:40:33 mandoloddamandolodda
Thanks for the lead sheetsmile.gif
so you never told her about wikiloops, thats not niceWink
January 10 2015 00:25:16 mandoloddafanne
I will,I will...
January 04 2015 15:25:19
NeronickNeronick I can tell very easily why this is a REALLLY GREAT vocal performance. It has no "Schaumbremse" like most singers suffer if they sing. What the hell is "Schaumbremse" in english? smile.gif
+1 January 08 2015 00:27:11 Neronickmandolodda
What the hell is "Schaumbremse" in german?
January 04 2015 12:45:03
gioganottigioganotti On my playlist. This is fantastic.

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