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January 07 2015 23:12:35
earlstevenearlsteven zigeunertonleiter?
+0 January 08 2015 00:03:07 earlstevenWade
Keine ganz normale Ungarisch
January 08 2015 00:08:50 earlstevenearlsteven
total schön,is it like oxitocin? i think yes!
January 08 2015 01:40:02 earlstevenWade
Hoffentlich wird die oxitocin war nicht ich stillenden!
January 07 2015 22:56:46
earlstevenearlsteven on playlist,thanks ;-)
+1 January 08 2015 01:55:38 earlstevenWade
Thanks earlsteven. That's a real compliment!
January 06 2015 23:41:03
nuno1959nuno1959 What a blast !
Cool flowing groove, beautifully played...

+1 January 07 2015 19:05:21 nuno1959Wade
Thanks Nuno. I enjoyed playing this one.
January 06 2015 21:01:22
jamladyjamlady Wow! ich sehe Alt-Ägypten in neuem Gewand
+1 January 06 2015 23:28:29 jamladyWade
Dank jamlady. Ich denke, es ist nur eine ungarische Sache, aber es hat eine orientalische Atmosphäre.
January 06 2015 19:51:33
OliVBeeOliVBee nice ambiance smile.gif ... i definitely can spot Am hungarian in many licks smile.gif (with some clever alterations)
+1 January 06 2015 19:57:18 OliVBeeWade
Thanks OliVBee.
This mode not used much but is distinctive. I hope to hear more from Oxymoron.
January 06 2015 17:40:26
UloisiusUloisius I agree with Hurzel, i am also hear this "oriental western movie soundtrack touch" ... absolut super from both of you ;o)
+1 January 06 2015 19:15:56 UloisiusWade
Thanks Uli, It's the Hungarian thing..Part East, part West. Was a very popular source of musical ideas in Western Europe in the 19th centrury
January 06 2015 19:18:59 UloisiusUloisius
I think I have already heard, Austria-Hungarian Empire, Vienna and Budapest in the 19th century, right?
January 06 2015 19:53:36 UloisiusWade
Hungarian music is very distinctive, and totally different to the Austrian/Viennese music. Same empire though. Not heard much these days as an influence. Last successful pop/jazz influenc was Gabor Szabo in the 1960-70s. Franz Liszt popularized and other composers like Brahams were heavily influenced.
January 06 2015 15:38:26
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler I agree with Oxymoron,I love too it your music, your saxophone always makes very nice atmospheresmile.gif
+1 January 06 2015 19:13:56 Lenny CowlerWade
Thanks Lenny. So good of you to say those things.
January 06 2015 13:59:00
OxymoronOxymoron I love it your music.Very nice atmosphere.I smiled while I listened to it.Thanks Wade.

His title i like it.

+1 January 06 2015 19:13:25 OxymoronWade
So glad you like it. The title you understand but others wouldn't. They would think it a pun on something to do with jazz. My father was Hungarian. This is also close to the "Hungarian minor mode". I'm very familiar with it. Thanks for such a wonderful track. I hope to hear more music from you soon.
January 06 2015 12:19:31
MalCoMalCo Cool.... like Pulp Fiction cool.
+1 January 08 2015 18:43:55 MalCoWade
Yes more blood!!!
January 06 2015 12:14:36
hurzelhurzel nice atmosphere, sounds like an oriental western movie soundtrack.. haha Wink
+1 January 08 2015 18:43:17 hurzelWade
Goulash westerns...a whole new genre!

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