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April 02 2016 19:43:26
schwaglrschwaglr Nice folk elements throughout this track. smile.gif
January 17 2015 02:53:44
akethesnakerakethesnaker Excellent...
+0 January 18 2015 00:55:54 akethesnakerDrumshticks
Thanks Ake
January 17 2015 02:03:46
jamladyjamlady sehr schöner Aufbau. genau richtig!
+0 January 18 2015 00:57:35 jamladyDrumshticks
jamlady that's a big 10-4 roger over .D
January 17 2015 00:18:32
RickplayerRickplayer Super playing Dan I agree that Drumshticks hit this perfect. Not to much and not to little. set this off with style. well done guys
+0 January 18 2015 01:01:18 RickplayerDrumshticks
Dan did the work,as most drummers we are torn between two lovers creativity and overkill. Thanks D
January 16 2015 23:12:26
Danalyze45Danalyze45 Drumshticks that is the perfect addition man...great playing, well mixed. Nice timing with the kick to help it move without "pushing" if that makes sense ? I think you know what I mean. Great job man.
+0 January 18 2015 01:07:48 Danalyze45Drumshticks
I dug your rap Timing is established much better with snare but kick acts like bigger rudder in over all direction of song.Great track Dan.Thanks D
January 16 2015 20:58:14
MorganLeFeyMorganLeFey heh the guitar reminds me so much of the Beatles Norweigan wood. Really nice adds...hmmm I wanna add some NW style lyrics
+1 January 16 2015 23:09:00 MorganLeFeyDanalyze45
Haha smile.gif funny you mention because I almost scrapped this track when I realized how much it sounded like a Beatles track....I am one of a very few (I suppose) who really don't care for them much at all)
January 17 2015 01:12:01 MorganLeFeyMorganLeFey
they have never been a listening fav of mine however one cannot discount the immense influence they have had
January 18 2015 01:12:05 MorganLeFeyDrumshticks
First time I heard the Beatles was on Ed Sullivan Show .There music is subtlety complex .Some would say different .I learned this playing in recent bands.D
January 16 2015 20:17:22
cody trippcody tripp Super !!
January 16 2015 20:15:59
DannyKDannyK Perfect add.
+1 January 18 2015 01:12:46 DannyKDrumshticks
Thanks Dan .D

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