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This is an alternative Mix by Nadeem, with the sax more imbedded in the rhythm parts.
Thanks for that expert work, Nadeem.
#32692 was my mix, where the sax was in the front (a bit too much).


March 12 2015 22:28:25
pklieschpkliesch So fine playin, Lutz!
February 17 2015 03:41:43
francisco alfrancisco al lindo arranjo Lutz
February 10 2015 19:06:33
nuno1959nuno1959 I prefer the other, sax more upfront rather than ''spicing up'' the mix in the back
+1 February 10 2015 19:36:48 nuno1959Lutz
Thanks, friends, for these comments! I learned again: the first impulse is almost always the better smile.gif
February 10 2015 17:26:19
ItocpogoItocpogo Lutz, Good track, but I liked your first track better because you can hear your tone variations which for me makes it pop. Even if this was for a dance crowd, the upfront alto sax in your first track makes the track for me.
February 09 2015 20:40:13
LutzLutz I had mixed feeling too, Wade. My first mix was a bit too much sax focused ('cause I like to hear sax you know). The new mix was a bit too far the other end. In between might be the way to go. But I won't make a third one hehe smile.gif
+3 February 09 2015 23:00:15 LutzWade
I still think that the 1st take (having the sax as a melodic solo instrument) was not out of balance. Only becomes that way if the object is to NOT have the sax as a solo instrument and just part of the dance rhythm. Depends on your point of view as the player. Were you wanting to be background in a DJ's dance track or playing for a piece to be listened to?
February 09 2015 20:15:05
WadeWade OK, I'm going to disagree here. Would you have moved a vocal into the background? The sax is The Melodic instrument here. If the object was a dance/disco mix then this is right. I hear it as a track with a melodic instrument that should be in front.
February 09 2015 19:32:48
Pit BrettPit Brett yes, thats a superior alto smile.gif
February 09 2015 04:15:33
SlonMusicSlonMusic Love it! Great mix.
February 08 2015 22:51:31
texassontexasson Lutz, This is outstanding !
February 08 2015 21:05:07
MilachicaMilachica Lutz, you are a killer alto player man!!! Good move to be back on it.
Sounds like: [ Smooth Jazz ]
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