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Got me a new mic (Rode NT1-A)... so I had to do something :)

It's getting late... I have to go.....
I'll check my phone.... and I''m all alone....
Needed some time to figure things out.....

Get in my car... call it a day.....
Step on the gas..... and drive away.....
Needed some time to figure things out.....

I see the road.... through blinded eyes...
Increase my speed ... and lost my lies.....
Needed some time to figure things out.....

I'm almost there.... can see the sign....
Just hit the breaks ... and clear my mind.....
Needed some time to figure things out.....

Needed some time to figure things out.....
Needed some time to figure things out.....
Needed some time to figure things out.....
Needed some time to figure things out.....



October 22 2015 09:29:27
aleonzaleonz ah I still using that mic until now, and still work wonderful, this version is beautiful Marc, nothing can beat the "wood" sounds smile.gif
+1 October 22 2015 09:46:45 aleonzMarceys
Ah, I always forget that this is the same track (base) as nadeems his version! With this one there is this cool vibe with Tof's his rhythms and slapbass...hope to do this one again sometime and play my keys with a slight different timing....
The mic is a keeper indeed, it's also good for recording an accoustic guitar! smile.gif
June 12 2015 16:20:30
glennpglennp cool vocals Marc. Nice work.
+1 June 12 2015 21:21:59 glennpMarceys
Thanks glenn!
May 25 2015 23:24:25
PaulBOwensPaulBOwens This has such a nice vibe Marceys... the playing by all you guys is so understated...draws you in and keeps the listener interested... Glad I came across this. Well done !
+1 May 26 2015 14:05:28 PaulBOwensMarceys
thanks Paul! I like this one too! Only thingie is the timimg of the keys.... It was the first instrument... I would have played it with t slight different timing if I new the song was going this direction smile.gif
February 18 2015 22:09:22
WadeWade Great feel...the rest will come to you...just need some time...
+1 February 19 2015 20:22:24 WadeMarceys
Tnx Wade! Need some more experimentation!
February 18 2015 18:47:23
CarpenterCarpenter very cool & great match for the song
+1 February 18 2015 19:25:09 CarpenterMarceys
tnx Carpenter! I did my best.... gonna give it another shot though.... smile.gif
February 18 2015 08:17:02
JJStrat19JJStrat19 Love it!!! Would like to put some guitar over this one!!!
+1 February 18 2015 13:08:43 JJStrat19Marceys
Be my guest! I would like that very much!
February 18 2015 06:17:55
nuno1959nuno1959 Fantastic delivery, oh man, the whole thing is just so good !
& congrats on your new ''toy''… real nice !
Many thanks, what a treat Marceys.. Wink

+2 February 18 2015 13:08:02 nuno1959Marceys
Yeah, a good mic makes a bit difference... you still have to sing offcourse.... glad you like it smile.gif
February 18 2015 04:15:26
SlonMusicSlonMusic Oh Marc... Love this Song!! Great singing and feel!
+1 February 18 2015 13:07:05 SlonMusicMarceys
Tnx Steve!
February 17 2015 21:26:14
GlezBassGlezBass Very good jam and song, absolutely soul quality!! Thumbs!
+2 February 17 2015 21:35:03 GlezBassMarceys
Tnx GlezBass, it's gives me fun to figure things like this out smile.gif
February 17 2015 20:30:42
Pit BrettPit Brett well done smile.gif sounds good
+1 February 17 2015 20:43:31 Pit BrettMarceys
Tnx Pit!
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