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December 12 2015 01:43:23
JeebsieJeebsie Love it, Thankyou!
+1 December 12 2015 03:04:01 JeebsieWade
Hey Jeebsie. Thanks for checking it out and the compliment. Greatly appreciated.
December 12 2015 03:21:28 JeebsieJeebsie
Your welcome.
November 07 2015 14:11:20
WanHuWanHu Spectacular
+1 November 07 2015 21:49:17 WanHuWade
Thanks WanHu! Have not seen/heard from you before. Will watch out for what you're up to.
November 04 2015 04:45:00
TofzegritTofzegrit You play some sounds I have never heard before from a saxophone, impressed I am.
+1 November 04 2015 09:38:09 TofzegritWade
Hey, you guitar guys have had this gear forever! My turn to have a bit of fun. Needs to be used very judiciously though or it will just be a gimmick instead of a musical voice.

Another aspect: If I can't play well I can always play differently. Not at all interested in plying like most sax players (mainstream, standards, canned riffs and arpeggios and as though I'm stuck in the 1950-1960s). So here I am, on the outside doing my own thing.
March 07 2015 01:07:26
will_Cwill_C Sunny sping afternoon, warm air, slightly cool breeze
+1 March 07 2015 06:46:57 will_CWade
Thanks will_C, seems to have brought out the poet in you.
March 07 2015 23:55:26 will_Cwill_C
I'm not sure, whether it's the poet.
February 25 2015 05:54:24
RobMRobM A beautifully complimenting add. Love the interplay between you two. Very nice smile.gif
+1 February 25 2015 22:02:51 RobMWade
Thanks Rob. More experiments to see how the sax can be used for different styles/sound.
February 22 2015 22:22:28
OliVBeeOliVBee very fine playing ! love the voicings and effects very subtle and not over-done ! mix sounds balanced on my monitors smile.gif ... this is such a great piece ! multi thumbs !!!
+1 February 22 2015 22:58:56 OliVBeeWade
High praise from you Mr OliVBee! Not sure I deserved it when I was just having fun playing with my new toy. Not sure what would happen if I ever had your discipline. Thanks my friend.
February 21 2015 21:54:05
+1 February 21 2015 23:29:44 WHITEPONGOWade
Thanks so much for the listen and comment
February 21 2015 17:58:44
LutzLutz Subtle and sweet by both of you. Effects with great taste, serving the song not itself.
+1 February 21 2015 23:45:42 LutzWade
You know just what to say to make it worthwhile. While learning and playing with these effects I'm trying to keep in mind that they should never become the focus. Thanks for recognizing that effort.
February 21 2015 16:41:33
ROBJOLROBJOL Music for angels.
+1 February 21 2015 23:43:23 ROBJOLWade
Such a nice thing to say! Thanks Rob.
February 21 2015 16:03:15
BalfoBalfo Very sensitively playing, love it!
+1 February 21 2015 23:42:44 BalfoWade
Thanks for the listen and comment Balfo. I loved it without my playing...but couldn't keep away.

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