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first time with a real sequencer....(logic Pro).....have fun with it guys.... shred it!!


February 22 2015 22:21:17
WadeWade Sounds like real "play". So good to have new toys.
+0 February 22 2015 22:27:18 Wadekimbo
Yo wade thanks for the comment....don't think I'll be "playing" like this very often. I like playin all the way through if there's to many mistakes... Do it again...else leave it!
Chopin stuff up and gluin it back together ain't really my style ...but it has given me a good intro to what this new failed commuter stuff can do.
February 25 2015 23:46:48 WadeWade
I hear ya. I've been mucking around with "Guitarists Magic Boxes". Could be easy to just say "it's to much to learn" (especially at my age!). But I'm really interested in all those other sounds that are possible so that a sax doesn't always sound like a sax...the sound could have been made by a guitar or keyboard, but I've always got more potential expression/bend/texture to add. So I've made the decision to put in the time. All a matter of priorities. If working with the computer isn't worthwhile for you, so be it!
February 22 2015 21:59:42
OliVBeeOliVBee fun ! Grin
+0 February 22 2015 22:01:48 OliVBeekimbo
Money or fun.....ideally both at once but never....neither
February 22 2015 18:11:10
AnneCozeanAnneCozean loved that intro - way to bring the BIG SOUND, kimbo!
+0 February 22 2015 19:29:45 AnneCozeankimbo
Hi Anne, long time.....gonna start to get control of this new rig then makes me music....check some of the other stuff lately. (When the lights go down)....particularly....hug ya Hun....xx
February 22 2015 15:37:36
nuno1959nuno1959 ''...Beam me up Scotty & make damn sure i land right smack in the middle of this party : This Klingon obviously has got his mitts on some very dangerous software, we've got to retrieve it !!…''
February 22 2015 13:48:12
aduadu spooky backgounds, cool! well done smile.gif
February 22 2015 13:07:31
kimbokimbo I'm thinking ....blade runner
February 22 2015 13:00:01
NeronickNeronick filled with creative ideas... smile.gif
+0 February 22 2015 13:06:41 Neronickkimbo
Shred it then can't wait to hear what you come up with!
February 22 2015 12:51:13
SlonMusicSlonMusic Wow! Great sound=)
February 22 2015 10:39:19
MarceysMarceys Cool work Kimbo! You like your new software, so I can here! Very cool!
+0 February 22 2015 10:53:19 Marceyskimbo
You keys boys been doin it for ages.....all new to me though. Chopping 2guitar lines up regluin them and loopin them is ALIEn to mesmile.gif

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