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When for an accident a dear being gets lost, the pain and the emptiness is so intense, there is no consolation, his recollection always is still present, many years that should happen

Cuando por un accidente se pierde un ser querido,el dolor y el vacio es tan intenso,no hay consuelo, su recuerdo siempre sigue presente,por muchos años que pasen


May 20 2016 02:07:24
MarianneMarianne Oh, how I relate to the loss of a dearly loved one. Your sensitive pain filled track flows like a gentle stream to the deep sea which hides so many tragedies. Thank you for sharing, ivax.
+1 July 20 2016 23:26:22 Marianneivax
Marianne thank you very much, I ask apologies but had not read your comment... Really lose a loved one unexpectedly always remains a thorn stuck in the heart
July 27 2016 11:02:18 MarianneMarianne
No apologies necessary, ivax! Yes, it will always hurt and rightly so. Intense love = intense grief!
May 01 2016 17:35:16
HiFiFlutesHiFiFlutes Groovalicious ! Great music here !
+1 May 01 2016 21:07:30 HiFiFlutesivax
Thanks Chris,very grateful,Maybe a sweet flute?
May 01 2016 16:17:42
JeebsieJeebsie Good feel and intricate, well donesmile.gif
I really like the ending!

+1 May 01 2016 21:05:08 Jeebsieivax
Thanks friend
October 19 2015 01:39:46
KeitonKeiton Great ivax smile.gif
March 06 2015 21:13:35
nuno1959nuno1959 Él sigue vivo en tu corazón Ivax...
March 06 2015 13:34:17
woXeywoXey Muy buen trabajo Ivax!
+1 March 06 2015 17:54:28 woXeyivax
Muchas gracias Wox,lastima que a quien va dedicada nunca la pudo escuchar
March 06 2015 20:33:44 woXeywoXey
lastima ninguna amigo mio, seguro que a quen va dedicada esta cancion le llega tu energia y tus ondas.. me gusta pensar eso.. se lo que se siente en estos casos my friend... Wink en serio me voy a tener q pasar x Elche un dia de estos.. estoy casi al lado tuya compi.. vivo en Torrevieja.... Wink
March 06 2015 09:32:50
GuadañaGuadaña Tio, eres un máquina... me gusta mucho este tema!!! Precioso.
+1 March 06 2015 17:53:10 Guadañaivax
gracias Guad,este tema surgio hace 20 años despues de la muerte de un amigo,uno de los dias mas tristes de mi vida
March 06 2015 08:30:36
AKchenAKchen so lovely
+1 March 06 2015 17:51:31 AKchenivax
Many thanks Akch, this song was a sad day
March 06 2015 21:56:12 AKchenAKchen
and you translated sadness into something lovely ..
March 06 2015 02:18:28
akethesnakerakethesnaker Super!
+1 March 06 2015 17:48:06 akethesnakerivax
thanks , Master ake
March 06 2015 01:53:02
AcousticegAcousticeg Excellent!
+1 March 06 2015 17:47:17 Acousticegivax
Thanks,Thanks of truth

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