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Cody did a absolute amazing job with this song. The vocals and the structure are top notch. I would like to thank him for sending me the vocals and backing music. I added a little something extra at the end. Some extra vocals I pieced together for the song. And I doubled up some of the vocals at certain points. I really hope its ok with you Cody. Let me know if not, and ill change some stuff. But this song jams. And I was in a groove and thought it needed a kick at the end. Please share your thoughts. Pro and Cons.
Hope everyone likes. I know I'm crazy about this song. Thanks. Jay

And of course, a thanks to Dick again. This site is incredible.


December 08 2015 23:59:01
ivaxivax Great jaymny

May 20 2015 22:33:20
MPMP Excellent percussion add (I love how the the double kick and tight snare work)

March 28 2015 11:26:33
DrumshticksDrumshticks I think 16th and 32nd notes on hats brings this out quite well .It is needing a pop drumming approach.Nice playing.D

March 27 2015 04:42:33
akethesnakerakethesnaker Super drumming!

March 26 2015 00:38:22
ToadCruncherToadCruncher real power house smile.gif

March 25 2015 22:30:00
mpointonmpointon Brilliant! I took a take at this track and then called it a day. Decided the result wasn't up to the job. I couldn't make it work for me which was a shame as I really like the track and I don't like to admit defeat. So I went outside and had a smoke instead whilst being careful not to put it it out with my tears! Very well done.

March 25 2015 08:37:21
BassterBasster Yes Sir!! - Very great drumming!! Like that fat bassdrum!!

March 25 2015 06:35:21
cody trippcody tripp Do I like it?? No I absolutely Love it !!! killer drums and what you did with the vocals is awesome !! Now I wish this was 20 minutes long. Thank you Jay. Priceless !!

March 25 2015 06:06:23
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler good colleaguesmile.gif,yes this site is incredible and is fascinating how many options and versions can be in one song.Each of us has a different feel and it is wellsmile.gif


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