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Gerhard on guitar. Live jam...crazy stuff. Drums and bass adds?


April 01 2015 00:43:13
RobMRobM Cheeky, serious, melodic,chaotic and musically wonderful all rolled into one. Great stuff you two ! smile.gif
+1 April 01 2015 02:35:13 RobMWade
Thanks Rob. Not an easy category to pick. Crazy is probably the closest.
March 31 2015 03:58:50
nuno1959nuno1959 For some silly reason i thumbed this & didn't comment.. Frown
It's such a delightful mix, crazy skills both of you, absolutely love how it flows & a certain playfulness about it ! Really cool how you approach this Wade..
Wonderful ''organised mayhem''

+1 March 31 2015 05:58:51 nuno1959Wade
Oh I like that: "organized mayhem". Comment not always necessary, but appreciated!
March 30 2015 19:30:45
BalfoBalfo There is nothing better than having developed his own Sound!
+1 March 30 2015 23:20:11 BalfoWade
Thanks Balfo! The race is on...does the "sound" get better/worthwhile before dementia and arthritis take over? Watch/listen in this space...

No problem being different...still working on being good.
March 30 2015 09:20:44
LieschingLiesching What a piece! This is movie soundtrack I love the most! Thanks to Gerhard and Great Wade! smile.gif
+1 March 30 2015 23:15:18 LieschingWade
You're into crazy improv? Cool! Thanks!
March 29 2015 18:16:33
AnneCozeanAnneCozean ahhhh, jeez - you excel at making great entrances, Wade. :24 is the start of delightful stuff with your line and Gerhard's. i've heard a lot of sax that's a bit overwhelming in the mix - you've got the best ear for complementing versus overwhelming. Rare Bird!!
1:02 - love that little swirling around each other….
1:55 - dig the way Gerhard's line goes bonkers (in a good way…) 2:09 - delicious descent….loved that!
cool chuckles for the finish. very anise!

+1 March 29 2015 23:50:41 AnneCozeanWade
So kind of you to listen so carefully...especially when it's musical insanity. Also very kind of you to note my approach to sax is somewhat different. Many (most?) sax players think that whenever they play it's a solo, and too often in a mainstream jazz style. It's just another instrument and can be used many different ways. I've tried (on sax sites) to encourage players to open up. Unfortunately most aren't interested and just want to sound like some jazz player from the 1950s or 60s. Such a shame.
March 29 2015 23:54:38 AnneCozeanAnneCozean
it's a wonderful thing to have you as part of the musical gene pool here, Wade - your approach is definitely working for me.
March 30 2015 23:13:57 AnneCozeanWade
Thanks Anne. It's wonderful being here where we can experiment and play outside of social and commercial expectations.
March 31 2015 00:21:05 AnneCozeanAnneCozean
i chose to retire early because i knew i was missing all this....i love Dick's playground!
March 29 2015 18:15:34
FishinmissioFishinmissio What can I say? How about awesome!
+1 March 29 2015 23:41:57 FishinmissioWade
Thanks Mark. Strange stuff happens live.
March 29 2015 12:09:13
Pit BrettPit Brett very good session!
+1 March 29 2015 23:41:15 Pit BrettWade
There may be more yet. This is the first one I've edited.
March 30 2015 07:53:58 Pit BrettPit Brett
I looking forward for more smile.gif
March 29 2015 11:34:43
ShiShi love the laugh...and the silliness...and the playfulness and licorice and inventive from you both.
+1 March 29 2015 23:40:22 ShiWade
All as it happened. Gerhard started playing and a pot of tea was put on the table by Gerhard's wife. I asked if it was licorice tea. The answer was yes (not audible as the microphone is by me). I just love licorice tea.

We miss this sort of spontaneous craziness being separated from each other on the loops. I'm lucky to have Gerhard near-by.
March 29 2015 10:06:31
kimbokimbo As always wade.......ferry interesting!
+1 March 29 2015 23:34:34 kimboWade
I like the word "interesting", thanks...I think
March 30 2015 01:13:23 kimbokimbo
like it! like it! defiantly like it!
March 29 2015 08:18:39
UloisiusUloisius class communication between guitar and sax ;o)
+1 March 29 2015 23:34:02 UloisiusWade
Thanks Uli...hmmm something strange in this communication?!

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