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I tasted heaven
on his lips
How can love be
so pure and sweet
Little words
with big meanings
with sunshine
from his eyes
I tasted heaven
it tasted good
Let me taste it again
I can still
feel your breath
I am getting higher
I can feel your
hands suround me
I can feel it with
my heart
I tasted heaven
it tasted good
Let me taste you again


April 06 2015 18:51:20
GuadañaGuadaña Great vocals Mish!!!
+1 April 06 2015 18:54:23 GuadañaMishteria
Thank you Guadana smile.gif
April 05 2015 11:23:58
TofzegritTofzegrit I tasted your song
It's tasting good too

+1 April 05 2015 12:35:32 TofzegritMishteria
Thank you Tofzegritsmile.gif
April 04 2015 22:36:56
pklieschpkliesch Great from both! Mish you created a new Musicunit. It's called spm (songs per minute). You seem to have an uranian nucleus inside 😃
+3 April 04 2015 22:53:04 pklieschMishteria
Cheers dearsmile.gif
April 04 2015 20:33:50
allgirlallgirl very nice add to Psycho's cool track
+1 April 04 2015 20:56:50 allgirlMishteria
Thanks allgirlsmile.gif
April 04 2015 19:16:04
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very nice Martinasmile.gif
+1 April 04 2015 19:30:23 Lenny CowlerMishteria
Thank you smile.gif
April 04 2015 18:22:29
cody trippcody tripp SOOOO GOOD !!
+1 April 04 2015 18:34:04 cody trippMishteria
Thanks cody!!
April 04 2015 17:00:05
PsychoPsycho First of all, how did you remix it so fast Mish! Folks are going to think we are secretly a team collaborating smile.gif (we both know we aren't) Anyway, you did this tune proud by turning it into a song... an incredible song! Thank you... Bravo Martina smile.gif smile.gif Wink
+1 April 04 2015 17:19:21 PsychoMishteria
Thanks Psycho. very glad you like it smile.gif you know me and rec lol
April 04 2015 17:24:58 PsychoPsycho
No, I don't know you at all... who are you anyway Heheee Wink... you bet I like it, and yes I know you can whip out a song in no time... again you did great !!
April 04 2015 17:26:44 PsychoMishteria
Thank you sweety Psycho. cheers!smile.gif
April 04 2015 16:03:55
MasterKMasterK Great Tune !
Really like it smile.gif

+1 April 04 2015 17:19:43 MasterKMishteria
Thank you smile.gif
April 04 2015 15:51:30
NeronickNeronick Gefällt mir! Habe ich 2x mal hintereinander von Anfang bis Ende gehört...das ist selten smile.gif
April 04 2015 15:43:51
BalfoBalfo Truly a very nice song with incredibly good vocals!
+1 April 04 2015 17:19:59 BalfoMishteria
Thanks Balfosmile.gif

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