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I could not resist the temptation, great job of Kimbo and Anne..Add a bit of guitar and vocals


April 06 2015 20:58:28
nuno1959nuno1959 Eh, eh, eh…. Super cheeky vecino mio !! Grin
What a super fun mix, love your add !!

+1 April 06 2015 21:09:26 nuno1959ivax
je,je,je!!!una locura que se me ocurrió,recuerdas cuando se cruzaban las lineas de telefono y salian varias voces hablando cada uno a lo suyo???
April 06 2015 21:12:48 nuno1959nuno1959
Si, lo recuerdo completamente !!
Y no hace asi tantos anos… Wink
April 06 2015 18:13:27
AnneCozeanAnneCozean fabulous contribution, ivax! crazy good guitar embellishments and your vocal bits add to the age old DOES HE OR DOESN'T HE LIVE HERE question? swell job - so glad you joined us!
+1 April 06 2015 20:52:54 AnneCozeanivax
Thank you Anne, happy to accompany them to the two...My intention was to simulate a crosstalk from phone, and answered in Spanish, saying that was wrong of number and you don't understand what it says...(the English do not understand and speak it badly) ending with the refrain Sung...

No se,algo raro pasa!!!
no se,algo raro pasa!!!
no se,algo raro pasa!!!
April 05 2015 11:18:33
AKchenAKchen cool ... fab ... great add
+1 April 06 2015 20:24:09 AKchenivax
very grateful Akch
April 05 2015 11:05:25
GuadañaGuadaña What a cool track!!!! Like the sounds and your guitar compadre le da sabor al temita smile.gif
+1 April 06 2015 20:19:23 Guadañaivax
gracias Guad
April 05 2015 02:15:49
onewholeftonewholeft 8.3
April 05 2015 02:15:28
onewholeftonewholeft Hi i have started using a rating system of my own instead of commenting on tracks ! This is in my opinion only and may differ greatly to what others hear ! I do not believe there to be any such thing as a bad jam as jamming is a way of learning and a way of expressing how we feel !I am rating the jams in several areas a) Recording quality Cool Content c) Degree of difficulty!
So what do my scores mean !
under 5 ) It was not for me ! but this could be simply that its not a style that i personally like so please don't be offended as someone else might think its a ten !
5-6 Good jam and i have given it a like !
6-7 A very good jam
7-8 Exceptional
8-9 Amazing
9-10 You should be performing this on stage !

+1 April 05 2015 02:22:52 onewholeftivax
HA-HA!, very good, is a good solution to avoid having to use the translator
April 05 2015 02:25:46 onewholeftonewholeft
and i would much rather have constructive rating over the like system
April 05 2015 02:30:18 onewholeftivax
one already feels satisfied, knowing that you listen to the work
April 04 2015 23:57:49
kimbokimbo Glad you enjoyed
+1 April 05 2015 02:40:42 kimboivax
Kimbo, good job, thanks and great full super template
April 04 2015 20:57:19
piperpiper cool
+1 April 05 2015 02:39:11 piperivax
Thanks piper
April 04 2015 19:17:49
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler goodsmile.gif
April 04 2015 18:41:00
KeitonKeiton Very cool ivax smile.gif
+1 April 05 2015 02:36:18 Keitonivax
Thnks Keii,A pleasure to listen to me and you like it

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