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Took the opposite approach to the others and decided to pick the tune up, rather than 'jazz' with it. Gentle shuffle in the verses, picked out the phrases in the bridges. Up-beat for outro. Suffered massively from a lack of time as I needed to dismantle the drums to leave for a rehearsal - it was the only actual take I did so it's a bit ragged in places, especially the fill into the outro which is as clumsy as it is crap.

It all sounds a bit out-of-place at the moment but I'm hoping when/if other instruments add it won't!



May 06 2015 18:59:45
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Super drums for the great keys ‼️‼️👍👍
April 08 2015 12:03:17
chrisbasschrisbass great
April 08 2015 04:59:15
SlonMusicSlonMusic Great drums!
April 08 2015 03:55:16
MarceysMarceys Yeah, thats cool Martin! Like your apporach! When the bass is gonna follow you, the track will evolve in a very good way!
April 07 2015 23:54:04
mpointonmpointon Thanks for the kind comments, chaps! It was a really tough one to do - one of Marc's toughest. I could've taken the easy way out and cracked out the brushes and been gentle - that was the logical approach. But I decided that it had been posted as a pop track, not a jazz one! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

I totally get what you mean about the blunt approach. It seems that way with just keys and drums but I took a gamble with this in the hope that the musicians who [hopefully!] follow will also take the approach and run with it. smile.gif I hope it works out and I don't look an idiot!

Just noticed the rim collision on the tom at 3:07! Dammit!

April 07 2015 23:38:24
PaulBOwensPaulBOwens Really nice playing guys... I like the way it steps out of its clothes at 2;57 (I can't get Wade's analogy below out of my head!!)
+1 April 07 2015 23:56:08 PaulBOwensmpointon
I just wish the fill into it didn't sound like my snare fell over in a bowl of more snares!
April 08 2015 00:40:02 PaulBOwensmpointon
For some reason, Wade's comment conjured up Can-Can girls in my mind. I think I need a doctor!
April 07 2015 22:48:32
WadeWade I sort of like the straight and unadorned nature of this. Like music for a stripper...with the band stripped down to basics as well.
+1 April 07 2015 23:36:36 WadePaulBOwens
Good mental image Wade Wink
April 07 2015 22:43:43
freufreu i like it a lot. it adds a surprising beatles feel to this track.
April 07 2015 22:11:56
DrumshticksDrumshticks Hard one lots of space ,a drummer could get lost great job playing .D
April 07 2015 19:41:12
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler good colleaguesmile.gif
Sounds like: [ Martin Pointon ]

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