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A confession first: sorry Nuno, but I had to edit the track at around 26 seconds because there was a timing anomaly that I just couldn't play around so I shuffled a couple of notes about to correct it. I hope you don't mind.

This was very challenging playing against such a natural-flowing tune with many sections to it. But I really love it so I persevered until I got it down. It is difficult, especially with punch-ins, when there's starts and stops and no metronome. But I don't care. It was so worth the effort and to do this against a metronome would destroy Nuno's fantastic feel for the tune. This is a great track, Nuno, which I couldn't let languish in the annals of WikiLoops. I hope others will join in now!

I hope you enjoy!


September 24 2015 23:28:11
jjdfjjdf Very good...flows nicely!!! Briliant... smile.gif
September 24 2015 22:13:06
aduadu for sure a really prof drumming my friend smile.gif
April 13 2015 05:53:49
WadeWade This works so well. Really ties it down while keeping an element of that "free" feel.
April 11 2015 05:08:42
MasterKMasterK Good so far ! Hope others chime in ! Good Add ! Like your style M, and nuno's playing !
April 11 2015 02:38:41
nuno1959nuno1959 5th time i listen to it &… oh man, you nailed it like a boss !!
Just fantastic

April 10 2015 23:49:13
cody trippcody tripp COOL !!!
April 10 2015 21:44:15
PsychoPsycho Great intro! Fantastic work M !!
April 10 2015 21:26:11
MarceysMarceys Cool track! Great duo!
April 10 2015 21:17:57
nuno1959nuno1959 Mp, i'm REALLY CHUFFED over what you did here.. your excellent drumming instantly gives it another ''Wooomph'' & takes it way into another league - thank you SO MUCH, i love it !! Wink
Now, you can do ANYTHING you feel like to my templates : cut, paste, punch in or out, play them backwards, whatever you fancy - 'cause I KNOW something very cool will come out of it !
On the other hand if ever you'd like to have the original lossless track, just let me know & i'll be very happy to send it to you, OK ?

+3 April 11 2015 11:02:21 nuno1959mpointon
Thank you, Nuno. You really are too kind. I don't like to mess with templates as it could mess up remixes but thankfully the edit was very minor.

I really enjoy your templates. They're so creative and so very different and force me to think creatively rather than just bash out backbeats which is 95% of what us drummers have to do. The fact you do it without metronomes, etc., means I have to really work with the music. Whilst it makes getting a fluid recording harder, it also results in a far more natural piece for me. Great template!
April 11 2015 13:21:10 nuno1959nuno1959
Oh man, stop it or i'll become SO big headed !!
Unbearable… Grin Grin
April 10 2015 18:31:55
ivaxivax good sync, I understand and agree with you, Melody takes life and ease without metronome, well the two

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