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4430 Fans | 301 Jams
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5 months...1500 recieved thumbs...over 500 comments...170 recieved remixes...and 100 Jams with u guys later...

Here i am, posting my 100th track on Wikiloops!

I look to this numbers and im grateful for all those seconds of your life that u spent listening to my tracks,remixing, playing along me..

Big Hug to u all, i really areciate all the hard work that is involved in this site everyday..
trust me i know Shadowland and is not nice at all....
So BIG THUMBS to all the Wikiloops Crew!

Of course many thanks to Ivax, Incivanpico and KaiPlan for their precious time.. and great fun!

Peace and Love


April 15 2015 20:21:56
nuno1959nuno1959 Very Happy Wiki 100th Jam B-Day WoX !!
& i wish/hope this is just the beginning… Wink

April 14 2015 20:42:35
StargazerStargazer its realy nice
April 14 2015 12:34:01
WadeWade A big round of applause! So good having you here and sharing all this music with us. Another fine track for the celebration. Happy 100th...and many more (please)
+1 April 14 2015 13:21:42 WadewoXey
thank u Wade!!! i really apreciate ur kind words of wisdom.. ill keep up the rithmn of the the time u get here it will be 200 tracks... lol!!! by the way... i have a studio session ready for ur jammin my friend.. hurry up time..!
April 14 2015 21:41:02 WadeWade
Have started to play my little cheap Chinese sopranino that I take traveling. Hopefully won't sound too bad by the time I get there. Traveling with instruments can be a drag, so I'd rather not worry about damaging or loosing an instrument I love. Hopefully it will sound OK...but don't expect miracles. I can also bring mouthpieces if you know of anybody who has a real sax that I could play.

Can't wait!!!
April 14 2015 06:49:43
josepssvjosepssv OK Woxey
Great and awesome!!

+1 April 14 2015 13:19:36 josepssvwoXey
Muchas gracias jose! im veryy happy u like the mix! Grin
April 14 2015 00:20:57
RobMRobM Great track to bring up 100 ! smile.gif Keep the jams coming !! smile.gif smile.gif
+1 April 14 2015 13:19:08 RobMwoXey
Thank you Rob! i do my best! smile.gif
April 13 2015 22:09:14
tullicbrtullicbr estas que te sales!
enhorabuena! smile.gif

+1 April 14 2015 13:18:29 tullicbrwoXey
jajaja siempre a pie del cañon tullicbr!
April 13 2015 21:13:01
ShiShi really like this one and congrats on the 100 smile.gif
+1 April 13 2015 21:30:30 ShiwoXey
thankin u very much Shi! it is a special milestone in my short Wikiloops Career.. Wink im very happy our paths crossed here, and we have some awesome tracks together! Big Hug 2 U!
April 13 2015 20:29:05
piperpiper Love it smile.gif
+1 April 13 2015 21:28:57 piperwoXey
So kind of u Piper, im glad u joined the celebration! smile.gif
April 13 2015 19:43:38
LieschingLiesching What a worthy 100th track! Congrats woXey, I do not want to miss one of them (although I didn´t have a listen to all 100 yet smile.gif) Soon!
+2 April 13 2015 21:28:17 LieschingwoXey
hey Liesching! thanks my friend for ur kind words.. im going to relisten the 100 myself man.. too many Shock
April 13 2015 19:10:29
davetdavet Top rate as always, you are a star*
+1 April 13 2015 19:15:17 davetwoXey
yeah man.. i like Stella...Wink thanks a lot for jammin along with me Dave! Grin

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