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Too busy this week to jump in one of these fantastic new loopers tracks. Apologies for even not havin listened to many of them yet. Just playin around a bit here plus noodling on a short Barber theme in the middle part.


June 19 2015 19:02:48
PJEPJE Marc - Truly wonderful - your music and playing captures the patterns in the universe, all those qualities which you find in a true artist!


+1 June 20 2015 07:48:44 PJELiesching
thank you very much Peter. you're too kind my friend! smile.gif
May 12 2015 23:41:47
R1772R1772 ****Das Problem bei Wikiloops is Masse UND Klasse. Klasse zu "bewältigen" ist viel leichter als die Masse an äußerst gelungenen Tracks.Daher hätte ich dieses Meisterwerk doch fast übersehen.Nun musst du mir nur noch verraten, lieber Marc, ob du Dozent für Musik bist. Wenn ja,muss ich dir das Kompliment machen, dass du trotzdem! (:-)))) Musik voller Seele und Harmonie komponierst und spielst, also weit über die "Gesetzmäßigkeiten" des Musizierens hinausgehst.
+1 May 12 2015 23:49:16 R1772Liesching
Danke lieber Rainer. Nein, ich bin Prof für Medienrecht und Medientheorie. Musik habe ich weder studiert noch sonst konventionell gelernt. Klavierunterricht mit 12 Jahren geschmissen und alleine weitergeklimpert smile.gif
April 24 2015 00:51:50
PsychoPsycho Missed this, it's beautiful !!!
April 20 2015 15:20:52
FishinmissioFishinmissio Very nice
+1 April 21 2015 15:46:54 FishinmissioLiesching
Thanks, F!
April 20 2015 14:48:09
fannefanne Great! I like the through-composed style of your songs very much.
+1 April 21 2015 15:46:44 fanneLiesching
Thank you John!
April 17 2015 20:54:47
UloisiusUloisius du spielst so schöne, zeitlose Melodien ... sehr, sehr schön ;o)
+1 April 20 2015 08:28:11 UloisiusLiesching
Danke lieber Uli smile.gif
April 17 2015 17:21:48
SlonMusicSlonMusic Enjoyed your music, as always. So many colors...
+1 April 20 2015 08:27:57 SlonMusicLiesching
Thank you very much, Steve! Glad you like it!
April 17 2015 16:27:49
hurzelhurzel got me the first seconds in. beautiful composition!
+1 April 20 2015 08:27:22 hurzelLiesching
Thank you very much, H! smile.gif
April 17 2015 05:33:20
akethesnakerakethesnaker You seems to have found the wrong forum, this is for amateurs and you`re pro. You should be on toursmile.gif
+1 April 17 2015 10:01:14 akethesnakerLiesching
Most of the loopers should, as a wikibunch big band!smile.gif Thanks ake!
April 17 2015 05:24:01
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very,very goodsmile.gif
+1 April 17 2015 10:01:37 Lenny CowlerLiesching
Thank you very much, Lenny! smile.gif

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