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Did some vocals, synth solo and a small rhodes add....

Had fun with it!

Left lots of room for other solo's!


April 26 2015 12:43:25
nuno1959nuno1959 Super tune w/ great groove & feel - love it Marceys
April 22 2015 10:52:15
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very goodsmile.gif
April 22 2015 00:07:02
Il TelloIl Tello Wink great Wink
April 21 2015 19:50:14
TofzegritTofzegrit Marc,
You already are a awesome good musician and it seems you are becoming a serious song composer, writer, performer...
Respect mon ami

+2 April 21 2015 21:20:19 TofzegritMarceys
Yeah, it's getting hard to live with that... I'm also very handsome, a good lover, incredibly rich, got the best socks in the world.... Shall I continue... smile.gif thanks for the compliment Tof!
April 26 2015 12:42:15 Tofzegritnuno1959
From that description, you've GOT to be my long lost twin brother !! Grin Grin Grin
April 29 2015 18:41:09 TofzegritMarceys
Oh man! I've been searching for so long! smile.gif
April 29 2015 19:11:01 Tofzegritnuno1959
Search no more !! As they say : every road leads to Rome…huh.. Wikiloops in this case !! Wink
February 12 2016 15:57:22 Tofzegritjaz100
Just discovered this amazing track! Marceys, where do you buy your socks? I'll start with that, seems approachable!
February 12 2016 20:31:36 TofzegritMarceys
My socks? Can't tell you that! Big secret! #28033 socks song smile.gif
February 12 2016 23:17:15 TofzegritTofzegrit
Hey Guys, this my comment and now it's the meeting room or what Grin Grin
February 13 2016 14:47:06 Tofzegritnuno1959
Yup, we took over ! So, what do you wanna do about it ?
Do you feel lucky….PUNK !? Go ahead, make my day… Grin Grin
February 13 2016 15:02:09 TofzegritTofzegrit
Ok, let's find a drummer now and let's jam smile.gif
February 13 2016 15:47:13 Tofzegritnuno1959
A JamDuel Jamboree to the death !? You bet.. Wink
April 21 2015 17:27:56
piperpiper Nice, like all the different effects smile.gif
April 21 2015 16:13:28
RickplayerRickplayer well done cool vocals
April 21 2015 16:08:31
Pit BrettPit Brett Great sounds smile.gif
April 21 2015 16:03:51
TofzegritTofzegrit Sitting on the beach under the sun in front of blue sea... With not enough signal for listening to it... Sometimes we have to make difficult choice but I will stay here bottom on the sand.
I will comment later smile.gif

+2 April 21 2015 21:18:09 TofzegritMarceys
The remixes will be waiting for you 2 Tof! smile.gif
April 21 2015 15:44:58
R1772R1772 Great collaboration.This is reference class in my opinion. Composition, very suitable singing by Marceys (and his other work too of course:-))), fine drum playing and great bass line.The Overall mix is fantastic too: nothing stands out too much. Well balanced.
+2 April 21 2015 21:16:58 R1772Marceys
Thanks R1772
April 21 2015 15:09:01
mpointonmpointon I love those synth solos! Just makes me smile smile.gif Top-draw playing, as always, Marc and the vocals are excellent too!
+1 April 21 2015 15:14:16 mpointonMarceys
Thanks Martin! smile.gif
April 21 2015 15:21:38 mpointonmpointon
Although, with the lovely weather here and the chilled out nature of the track, I think you should rename it to, 'I Feel Like Having Gin'.
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