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Thanks to Britta for working with me as a studiosinger some years ago! It was a great pleasure to benefit from her talent. I have choosen SEQUENZER instead of Vocals, because it's not my voice as the publisher.

I isolated her vocals for your work as a producer and I will upload my new guitar-overdup in a few days. Bpm=132, Key is D-minor. See chords

By the way: although you listen to a vocal track only, the full song, the melody, the harmony, the arrangement, the lyrics, the recording itself etc. are property of the composer and are protected by the german "Urheberrecht".

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September 07 2016 13:07:01
JMB65JMB65 Puh, einfach Gesang, ohne Musik. Stark! smile.gif
+1 September 07 2016 19:46:03 JMB65Neronick
Die moderne Technik macht es möglich... smile.gif
April 26 2015 13:19:21
UloisiusUloisius Toller Gesang, super Text ;o)
April 26 2015 11:09:53
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Very good lyrics and vocals als well! 🎤🎤👍Your first love? Sorry for question!😊
+1 April 26 2015 16:04:24 frankyguitarNeronick
The most love songs fit to more than one love...and feelings never change smile.gif
April 23 2015 23:47:12
R1772R1772 Great vocals!
April 23 2015 20:09:03
pauluspaulus schön
April 23 2015 18:44:16
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler goodsmile.gif
April 23 2015 18:00:03
AKchenAKchen bin gespannt, was draus wird ... es ist sehr schön smile.gif
+1 April 23 2015 18:02:43 AKchenNeronick
Danke, den Text habe im Alter von 16 Jahren
April 23 2015 16:28:35
R1772R1772 @Nero : What I mean is :In which case you do an "own creation" ( eigenes schöpferisches Werk) and in which case you just use progressions which are Standards and 1000´s times used.
+0 April 23 2015 17:53:59 R1772Neronick
if you play "Messing with the kid" in a way that everyone knows, it is "Messing", you play "Messing with the kid", which is a famous bluessong. It falls under american laws I guess, don't know the holder of the germany you can't sell rights...
April 23 2015 16:26:08
R1772R1772 Thanks, Nero, I should have read the wikiloops licencse better. Regarding your upload I agree, it´s not tricky what´s allowed and not allowed. But in General I doubt that Urheberrecht is not tricky. For example: In which case you create protected chord progressions:If you "invent" standard blues rock progressions like ACDC or Status Quo and in German Schlager-Style (I suppose those progressions are not protected mostly) or sophistic Jazz chord progressions like Girl From Ipanema (which is protected I think). Regards Rainer
April 23 2015 14:36:44
NeronickNeronick To avoid missunderstanding: Of course you can use/change and colour the chords I posted like you can in every other song!
Sounds like: [ German Pop ] [ Britta singing ]

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