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A little folk-pop song (just nylon and steel in the first version). All kind of adds welcome!


December 25 2015 23:44:37
PsychoPsycho Via Stef I found this... a beautiful song Pat !!!!
July 01 2015 20:33:24
mandoloddamandolodda sehr schön
+0 July 01 2015 23:25:57 mandoloddapkliesch
Thank you, mandosmile.gif
June 28 2015 17:15:44
jamladyjamlady wunderbare Vorlage!
+0 June 29 2015 19:34:14 jamladypkliesch
Danke Die so much, Jamy! smile.gif
May 06 2015 19:28:12
WadeWade Such a wonderfully romantic sound and beautiful composition. Would be nice to hear vocals.
+0 May 06 2015 23:08:20 Wadepkliesch
Thank you, Mr. Wade. smile.gif
May 02 2015 03:23:15
MarianneMarianne She's the one. One look into her steel blue eyes, an ocean deep where mysteries are hidden never to be discovered by mortal man. One look at her luscious full rosebud lips, a Paradise where the tree of life grows. One look at her long wavy hair, the mane of a lion immersed into the setting of the sun. One look at her stature, the 8th wonder of the world. One look at her heart, a universe of love, peace, joy, grace and compassion. She's the one in life and death. And even if she was just a mirage, I would fall in love with her heart. She would always be the one for me!
May 02 2015 03:22:14
MarianneMarianne OOPS, I just deleted my first response by accident. Well, it won't change my mind about this sweet, beautiful, harmonious guitar playing by you, pk. Such a relaxing and well-accomplished listening pleasure! smile.gif
+0 May 03 2015 23:17:36 Mariannepkliesch
Thank you so much, Marianne. You are a real poetic artist. Like your words so much! smile.gif
May 04 2015 00:20:27 MarianneMarianne
Now you've made me blush, pk. Thank you so much for your kind response! smile.gif
April 30 2015 15:54:33
ivaxivax well, I love these guitars the sound
April 30 2015 06:55:40
MishteriaMishteria Soooo nice !!smile.gif
+0 April 30 2015 14:02:37 Mishteriapkliesch
Thanks a lot, dear Mish! smile.gif
April 29 2015 23:20:38
davetdavet excellent i can hear james taylor's voice singing over this. Its a hit.
+1 April 29 2015 23:26:53 davetpkliesch
Thank you, davet. You're right. It's Taylor-Style (Perhaps I ate too much applepie in the last days) Grin
April 29 2015 22:23:08
LieschingLiesching Lieber Bro, das ist wirklich ein Juwel von Gitarrenstück. Bin auf die weitere Entwicklung sehr gespannt. smile.gif
+0 April 29 2015 22:35:12 Lieschingpkliesch
Ja ich war auch sehr gespannt. Bis ich dann von meinem eigenen add überrascht wurde.
April 29 2015 22:38:49 LieschingLiesching
Sounds like: [ Folk ] [ pop ] [ guitar ] [ acoustic ]

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