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I would say this one is different but what's different when they all qualify for that title? We hope you enjoy!


May 01 2015 23:46:43
FrankMilFrankMil Wow. This is different. Great job
+1 May 02 2015 00:06:37 FrankMilMarianne
Thrilled you enjoyed the listen, FrankMil. Thank you! smile.gif
April 30 2015 00:47:28
RobMRobM This is very cool ! Really like the whole ying yang thing happening both in the story as well as the digital versus natural voices. Very very clever and enjoyable Ladies !! smile.gif
+1 April 30 2015 12:06:58 RobMMarianne
10/10 for your generous and enthusiastic response, Rob! Thank you for sharing your enjoyment with us. smile.gif
April 29 2015 22:37:59
LieschingLiesching Pure art to me, Paidra and Marianne! You´re truly pioneers! smile.gif
+1 April 30 2015 12:08:55 LieschingMarianne
Such a generous review, Marc. Thank you! Such an honor to know you enjoyed it! smile.gif
April 29 2015 22:17:22
PsychoPsycho Cool.. nice job !!
+1 April 30 2015 12:09:43 PsychoMarianne
So pleased you came by and enjoyed, psycho! smile.gif
April 29 2015 21:52:51
AKchenAKchen crazy great fab very interesting ... so cool smile.gif
+1 April 30 2015 12:10:39 AKchenMarianne
And such a fabulous response, Andrea! Thank you for stopping in. smile.gif
April 29 2015 21:26:05
incivanpicoincivanpico Oh my! what a thought provoking piece of music/ unique!Wink.Just Great!smile.gifsmile.gif
+2 April 30 2015 12:11:44 incivanpicoMarianne
Well, you have responded with a deeply heartfelt enjoyment of this song, pico! Thank you. smile.gif
April 29 2015 21:00:19
UloisiusUloisius I like to set the effect you have on your voice Paidra, it reminds me of "grab grass baby" of Zappa`s "Thing Fish" album, he has since used a similar effect ;o)

Marianne, dem Text nach zu urteilen hast du die Lyrics heute Nacht verfasst. Zu was solche schlaflosen Nächte alles gut sein können ;o)

Great track from both of you, I like very much, very good ;o)

+1 April 30 2015 00:48:54 UloisiusMarianne
Oh nein, Uli, die ganze musikalische Geschichte ist von Paidra geschrieben und komponiert. It was her idea to mix our voices! smile.gif
April 30 2015 12:13:03 UloisiusMarianne
Thank you, Uli, for your faithful enthusiasm and encouragement to us! Deeply appreciated. smile.gif
April 30 2015 22:22:03 UloisiusUloisius
Du musst aber zugeben, das hätte irgendwie gepasst ;o)

Ich finde euch Klasse ;o)
May 01 2015 00:17:49 UloisiusMarianne
Das ist sehr lieb von dir, Uli.
Du bist auch in a million! smile.gif
April 29 2015 20:59:27
fannefanne This is art! Out off the box,minimalistic and headstrong ,right out of the New York underground scene!like it!
+2 April 30 2015 12:14:37 fanneMarianne
WOW, thank you, John from the bottom of our hearts! I love NYC, but haven't visited yet. smile.gif
April 29 2015 20:46:31
cody trippcody tripp Perfect Mixing. Awesome !!!! One of your best !!
+1 April 29 2015 20:48:14 cody trippallgirl
thank you cody. i trust the sound level is better. turned it down a bit.
April 29 2015 20:53:43 cody trippcody tripp
Just right. Awesome song too

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