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Song about pushing it hard to arrive for the Weekend Hang!... open to all!;)
Lyrics by: incivanpico 2015

Thanks to Guitarrockr for a great track!;)

Headland Wood yeah!
Comes alive just after dark
A Race ta get there, so many Bikes its hard ta park!
Meet the Boyz!, drink ripple wine..
Un doin shots of Cutty Sark
Just cut yer brakes,and slide yer rift
On The suicide shift....Come On!
Join the fun un slide yer rift!
the suicide shift!
Just do yer bit un see if ya fit!
Don't you ever split....haha!
Suicide shift is a weekend where we run
bring yer Woman! have a smoke enjoy the fun!
The suicide shift
Just cut ya brakes un slide yer rift!
On the suicide shift!
Join the fun un slide yer rift!
The suicide shift!
Some say yer Bad Boyz!
A bit'O dirt a bit'O grease
Causing trouble, no respect un wreck the peace!
The suicide shift
Just cut ya b


March 16 2016 12:55:55
aleonzaleonz very cool story, and your voice really gorgeous, love the way you carried the song Inci
+1 March 24 2016 03:50:43 aleonzincivanpico
Massive thanks AliceWinki'm very happy you enjoyed it. Its a semi real story from my youth hehe! Wink
March 15 2016 16:08:56
WoodstockWoodstock Erste Sahne, extrem cool, TOP!!!
+1 March 24 2016 03:46:07 Woodstockincivanpico
Danke dir! Wink
December 04 2015 01:02:16
petebasspetebass This gets cooler every time I listen to itsmile.gif
+1 December 04 2015 14:36:32 petebassincivanpico
Thanks Pete!smile.gif
May 07 2015 23:12:21
UloisiusUloisius super cool ;o)
+1 May 10 2015 21:03:39 Uloisiusincivanpico
Danke sehr Ulo!Wink
May 07 2015 10:54:25
LieschingLiesching Wonderful song! smile.gif
+1 May 07 2015 14:42:19 Lieschingincivanpico
Cheerz Marc!Winkdanke dir!smile.gif
May 06 2015 06:33:41
MarianneMarianne Oh my....such COOL Bad Boyz voice, lyrics and sound! You, pico, are something else! I can see ya on yer bike, doin shots of Cutty Sark, yellin' over to me on my Harley-Davidson Sportster 883 SuperLow to join you for some ripple wine. Haha. smile.gif
+2 May 07 2015 09:00:58 Marianneincivanpico
GrinLOve It!Grin thanks Marianne!Wink
May 08 2015 00:36:04 MarianneMarianne
May 06 2015 06:09:47
nuno1959nuno1959 Super song Pico, this is so good !!
+1 May 07 2015 08:58:49 nuno1959incivanpico
smile.gifmuch appreciated nuno!smile.gifthanks m8!Wink
May 04 2015 03:03:05
akethesnakerakethesnaker Super!smile.gif
+1 May 05 2015 23:02:55 akethesnakerincivanpico
May 03 2015 16:39:34
woXeywoXey u surprise me with every upload m8tey!!! great song!!!... downloadin this 100%
+2 May 03 2015 21:51:15 woXeyincivanpico
Thanks woXey!Grin..have fun m8tey!Wink
May 03 2015 21:54:22 woXeywoXey
hey my man! went for the one with the BASS!! more complete...Wink great fun!! im gettin into some scales.. finally..Wink lol..
May 03 2015 03:15:11
RobMRobM Friggin awesome !!
+1 May 03 2015 15:17:03 RobMincivanpico
Grin Rob!..cheerz m8!Wink

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