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Add some guitar(sometime a little bit like a cat, lol) a bit FX in Paulus Drumpart, new mix, space for more stuff... a bit keys?


May 08 2015 08:06:14
chrisbasschrisbass creativo 👍
+1 May 08 2015 08:09:21 chrisbassfrankyguitar
Chris, Dankeschön.ja ziemlich verrückt was. Aber schau Dir mal an was Ian damit gemacht hat👍👍
May 07 2015 19:52:55
BabbazittBabbazitt Bitte lesen Sie meine Nachricht
+1 May 07 2015 20:16:43 Babbazittfrankyguitar
Habe ich gerade Ian👍👍 auch auf Deutsch gerne Du, LOL
May 07 2015 20:36:36 BabbazittBabbazitt
Een Spraak is nie nich noog!!!!!
May 07 2015 05:38:29
francisco alfrancisco al bom trabalho
+1 May 07 2015 05:43:21 francisco alfrankyguitar
Gracias, a bit crazy stuff. Nice to read you....😎😎😎
May 06 2015 07:54:46
AKchenAKchen a cool crazy thing Wink
+2 May 06 2015 09:18:47 AKchenfrankyguitar
Akchen, guten Morgen! Vielen Dank für's vorbeischauen. Es freut mich immer wenn Dir meine Arbeit gefällt und hier ist sie etwas, nun ja, easy listening geht anders. Aber ich finde das Template so crazy, da musste ich etwas versuchen... 😎😎
May 06 2015 10:22:16 AKchenAKchen
Guten Morgen smile.gif
ist dir gelungen smile.gif
May 06 2015 02:16:24
cody trippcody tripp VERY COOL
+1 May 06 2015 09:13:11 cody trippfrankyguitar
Master Cody, I'm so glad you like this crazy work. Appreciate your comments always. 😎😎
May 06 2015 00:35:39
incivanpicoincivanpico Cool Cat franky!Wink...great work m8!smile.gif
+1 May 06 2015 09:11:18 incivanpicofrankyguitar
Hey inci, great you coming in. Thank you for your kind words, I'm glad you like this funny little thing.😎😎
May 05 2015 23:58:04
PsychoPsycho Never thought I'd see the day when crazy stuff was good. Must be the colabs that do it... nice job franky !!
+1 May 06 2015 09:08:20 Psychofrankyguitar
Hey Psycho, thank you very much! Yeah, I'm quit crazy with pain in the brain, LOL . But this one was a challange for me and anyhow I find this thing from Paulus and Ian cool.😎😎
May 05 2015 23:49:43
akethesnakerakethesnaker Cool! It`s almost jazzsmile.gif
+1 May 06 2015 08:57:25 akethesnakerfrankyguitar
He, he I'm an almost jazz player, lol. Not bad for a beginner.😀Thank you Ake, appreciate your words. 😎😎
May 05 2015 22:57:56
BabbazittBabbazitt this is super super cool!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much frankyguitar!!!
+1 May 05 2015 23:22:13 Babbazittfrankyguitar
Hey Ian, I'm very, very glad you like it. Thank you too. For me it was difficult to find matched riffs, or so. But, I hear your playing a couple of times and suddenly it came in my hand. Great stuff, Ian, you did.😎😎
May 05 2015 23:56:26 BabbazittBabbazitt
you did a great job!!
May 05 2015 22:55:08
pauluspaulus Cool!!
+2 May 05 2015 23:15:12 paulusfrankyguitar
Hallo Paulus, super das es Dir gefällt. Hoffe ich habe nicht zu sehr in Deinen Drums rumgepfuscht. Dankeschön 😎😎
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