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cody tripp
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Czech Republic


Lenny Cowler
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remix step 3 remix step 3
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It gets me high
the emotion
it gets me high
I feel the energy
flow through my body
I want to run
run from everyone
and everything
I feel like
I am touching the stars
with an adrenaline rush
In my mind
I run faster
with my feet on the ground
adrenaline rushing
no one can control me
This time I do
what I want
You you make me melt
Please before you leave
look back to me
our love forever will be
I want to run
run from everyone
and everything

Remixed this trying to repair what I may have destroyed in the original mix.


May 07 2015 21:10:23
abuitremoremabuitremorem Sounds really good smile.gif
+1 May 07 2015 22:37:22 abuitremoremPsycho
Thanks abu smile.gif
May 07 2015 18:35:01
pklieschpkliesch Good work, Psycho! And cool new Avatar smile.gif
+1 May 07 2015 19:32:29 pklieschPsycho
Thanks pk... just for the record the cute part is correct, but I'm not really psychotic lol Wink
May 07 2015 23:14:13 pklieschpkliesch
Who is not? Wink
May 08 2015 01:30:03 pklieschPsycho
Ok, maybe a little bit, only because I believe when they say there is a very small gap between genius and sanity. That puts you right there too my friend smile.gif
May 07 2015 16:05:44
cody trippcody tripp awesome
+1 May 07 2015 19:34:00 cody trippPsycho
Thanks cody, I've compared both and I think it's better. The perfectionist in me is a terrible quality to have smile.gif
May 07 2015 15:15:51
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler good jobsmile.gif
+1 May 07 2015 15:45:31 Lenny CowlerPsycho
Thanks Lenny, hope the drums are better now smile.gif
May 07 2015 14:34:03
jmrukkersjmrukkers Sounds really good
+1 May 07 2015 15:48:19 jmrukkersPsycho
Thanks jm... appreciate you guys listening to this again. Need the feedback on the mixer stuff. To me it's the hardest part of all smile.gif
May 07 2015 10:24:11
davetdavet cool track
+1 May 07 2015 13:17:19 davetPsycho
Thank you davet... the OCD in me caused a redo of this fine track by those who came before me smile.gif
May 07 2015 09:26:23
MishteriaMishteria Wow great add Psycho!!>smile.gif
+1 May 07 2015 13:14:49 MishteriaPsycho
Hey there Mish, Thanks... I heard the old one again and you know how it is when you hear something over and over. I think this version is better smile.gif
May 07 2015 15:16:37 MishteriaMishteria
Agree with you Psychosmile.gif
May 07 2015 15:46:06 MishteriaPsycho
The vocal is no doubt better than before smile.gif
May 07 2015 15:58:10 MishteriaMishteria
May 07 2015 09:25:48
AKchenAKchen haha, great new icon dear Psycho, cool add Wink
+1 May 07 2015 13:12:07 AKchenPsycho
Hi ak... I found that pic on the the web and thought, yeah... that's me smile.gif
May 07 2015 08:38:09
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Another favorite for me, great work Psy, sounds really good‼️‼️‼️
+1 May 07 2015 13:10:50 frankyguitarPsycho
Thanks franky... just had to redo this smile.gif
May 07 2015 07:06:01
KeitonKeiton Awesome Psycho! smile.gif
+1 May 07 2015 13:10:06 KeitonPsycho
Thank you Kei !!
Sounds like: [ rock ]
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