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Always want to try out something different. I love wonderful bass lines, but I'm not able to play some. So I added some sound with my Hohner Chromatic Bass Harmonica (sounds a little bit like a didgeridoo) and played with my Seydel Blues Solist Pro in the key of E.

Thank you Marc for this wonderful track!


November 11 2015 23:20:56
WanHuWanHu The bass harmonica sounds like somebody is playing cello at the bottom of a well, but I like it.
June 22 2015 01:30:47
AnneCozeanAnneCozean i'm glad this one spoke to you, bleymehl.
oooo, that molasses-slow vibrato at 1:03 is yum.
1:52 - 2:03 - ahhhhh, so pretty.
fabulous finish! loved the mood - it makes me feel good to know there is still this kind of sensitivity out there in the world of music. bravo, brothers!

+1 June 22 2015 07:58:42 AnneCozeanbleymehl
Thank you Anne for these kind words.
That's what I like at wikiloops:
First: I can find wonderful music, that touches me inside.
Second: I'm able to add my own part in this music.
And Third: Maybe someone is touched inside by the result!

May 30 2015 02:08:26
onewholeftonewholeft There is something right here i never thought i would hear Harp on classical piano ! How wonderful so well done my friend !
+1 May 30 2015 08:09:29 onewholeftbleymehl
The wonder of wikiloops 😀. Thank you, Lairdy!
May 09 2015 11:58:20
LieschingLiesching That sounds! Wonderful, Jörg. Danke!
May 09 2015 10:55:23
jmrukkersjmrukkers Sweet
May 08 2015 23:49:26
pklieschpkliesch Wollte mal wieder schauen, was es an der harpsfront neues gibt. Und bin richtig geflasht. Richtig gut bleymehl. (Sehe du bist aus naumburg, kommt da nicht der gute Unstrut her?)
+1 May 09 2015 00:16:10 pklieschbleymehl
Danke für das Kompliment! Ja, hier gibt es den leckeren Saale-Unstrut Wein! Nächster Halt: Freyburg an der Unstrut, Home of Rotkäppchen-Sekt :-)
May 09 2015 07:44:16 pklieschpkliesch
Eine tolle Region zum Leben smile.gif
May 08 2015 22:56:16
ToadCruncherToadCruncher just go for it, is the great thing here at wikiloops.
I've always wanted to try a Seydel Harp sounds really good

+1 May 08 2015 23:38:26 ToadCruncherbleymehl
Yes, the Seydel harps are beautiful instruments. But this one sometimes bites me in my beard :-)
May 08 2015 22:01:39
Il TelloIl Tello Great contest Wink Bravo bleymehl Wink
+1 May 08 2015 23:38:42 Il Tellobleymehl
Thank you!
May 08 2015 19:22:24
AKchenAKchen wie immer so harmonisch und schön smile.gif
+1 May 08 2015 23:34:46 AKchenbleymehl
Danke, freut mich, dass es Dir gefällt :-)
May 08 2015 18:36:34
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler goodsmile.gif

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